7 Rare Places to Visit in Vancouver

Vancouver Skyview

Vancouver, the gem on the west coast of Canada is a paradise in disguise of a city. With the scenic views all around with beaches, mountains and outstanding landscape, every spot in the city is picturesque. We explored some of the not-so-common and interesting things to do in the city recently. Here are some of our findings.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Classical Chinese Garden 

This Ming dynasty style garden home is a rare sight outside of China. The place provides for ample photography opportunity if you like capturing oriental and classic spaces. This garden stands as a symbol of Canada’s multiculturalism and strong collaboration between Canadian and Chinese governments to keep the cultural ties active.

The 9’O Clock Historic Cannon

Claude Schneider. Own work. 2017.

What if cannons were used to remind time? Yes, there was a time when this was true, and Vancouver follows the legacy even today. We are talking about a 12 pound, muzzle loaded naval cannon stationed at the Stanley park. The historical cannon was used to help the port authorities and general population to set time at night. The cannon fires at 9PM everyday till today, and it attracts viewers. 

Become a Dwarf and Take a Picture

Harbour Centre Adirondack chair
Karen. 14 Weird Things To Do in Vancouver. Harbour Centre Adirondack chair.

The harbour lookout at 555 W Hastings Street has the power to make you shrink into a dwarf! We are talking about the giant Adirondack chair located in the foyer of the Harbour Lookout building. Sit on the giant chair and take a picture, you will notice how tiny you are for the chair. Hunting for a weird Instagram picture? This maybe a place to go for pictures!!

Live Like a Hobbit For a Night

Eryn. Free Spirit.

We are talking about a cool place of accommodation that’s worth some pictures in Vancouver Island. Free Spirit Spheres are unique tree house like pods that are available for daily rent. The suspended look of the pod from tall trees in the woods look cool for pictures. But we are sure that the windows of the tree houses will give you an interesting view along with the floating feeling in the woods.

The Wooden Sunset View Platform Among the Mountains

Rachael. Horseshoe Bay Lookout – Where To Find The Sunset Platform. 2021.

This location is for the ones who like to explore, crush some gravel, and drive through an older terrain. The wooden platform near the Horseshoe bay that lets you watch the glorious sunsets against you behind the mountains is an instagrammable location. You can watch the ships sail through the waters below you, and take a deep breathe or strike your favourite zen pose against the layers of mountains while you craft your next Instagram post at this location. 

Royston Wrecks

body of water under blue sky at daytime

Royston wrecks is located in the Comox valley of Vancouver Island. The famous ghost ships of Royston Wrecks can be a good subject for those interested in photography. The rusted hull of the ship leftovers are from the 14 ships which were purposely sunk to save the shore during the early 1990’s. The area also provides for picnics and relaxation along the mountainous background.

The Vancouver house

gray concrete building under cloudy sky during daytime

The Vancouver house neo-futurist skyscraper had been the eye candy of photographers from its launch in 2019. This gravity defying design grows from a triangular base into a four sided 49 level structure. It is located near the Granville street bridge and it is another construction masterpiece of the city. This is an interesting structure for architecture and design photographers. The building complex houses residences, offices, shopping spaces and the new campus of University Canada West.

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