7 Reasons Why International Students Love Vancouver for Studies and Settlement

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Mesmerizing scenic views, soothing climate, warm-hearted people, and rich culture are what you will find in Vancouver. Vancouver is the most attractive place for tourists within Canada in the lap of nature. Not only from the tourist perspective, but Vancouver is also one of the best places to study, earn and settle. Van City (another one of the names of Vancouver) is the largest city established on the West Coast that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Mountain range. Besides its astonishing nature, Vancouver has numerous other facts to be considered a great Educational Destination.  

Learn about other names of Vancouver.

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Advance Educational Opportunities

Vancouver has lots of colleges, universities, public and private schools. As per the Statistics of Canada, around 37.5% of Vancouverites had a higher degree or bachelors’ degree. 16.8% of the women in Vancouver had a higher degree in the stream of mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. As an international student, whether you are searching for a renounced public university or college, specialized institutions, private colleges, or institutions; Vancouver will cater to you with a variety of options in the education stream.

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Safety and Security

As an international student, you must have questions before you finalize your educational destination. Is this city or place safe? Is it safe at night? The answer to these questions is a YES! Vancouver city is safe. Van City has diverse communities, no discrimination irrespective of caste, color, and race. As per the Vancouver police data, Vancouver has an overall low crime rate.

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Technology Hub

Who doesn’t love technology nowadays? According to Vancouver Economic Commission, Vancouver is a swiftly expanding city in the Tech Industry. This industry pays 66% more than the average pay rate to its professionals. Tech Industries creates plenty of job opportunities for international students who intend or are already settling in Vancouver. If you are passionate about technology, you can study technology programs, secure your career future in technology, and even set up your business in the tech world.

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Working while studying

The Canadian Ministry gives liberty to our international students to work while they are studying within Canada. Summer Break is quite popular among international students, where they can work full time. The food sector, administration jobs (entry-level), internships, retail sector, financial institutions, sales, marketing, and many more are the options available in the Vancouver job market. International students can work part-time in the above-mentioned options.

indian food


Having a diverse population in the city helps you to find many choices of cuisines. Eating in Van City will allow you to explore the flavours of different types of cultural foods. Vancouver’s food menu showcases the diverse cultures of Vancouver from China, Poland, Greek, Italy, India, Portugal, Iran, Mexico, and many more communities. Indian food is very common in Vancouver as you can find many Indian restaurants throughout the city. Typically, you can find north Indian and south Indian restaurants in Vancouver. As a new International Student, you can have a chit-chat with your professors, co-workers, and new friends. You can use Google to find a great serving restaurant near your place.

To explore some of the local food locations, check out this video.

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Advance Public Transport

Cars are usually expensive in metro cities including in Vancouver. If you are new in this city, you don’t have to think about investing in a vehicle at the initial stage of your student life. International students can benefit from using public transport from every corner of the city. Transportation connects every point from north to south, east to west. The majority of colleges offer students to use public transport for a very low cost. You just need to tab your Student Id Card issued by your institute and you are ready to explore every corner of Vancouver via buses, sky trains, or sea buses.

Please check out the video about getting the UPASS for international students.

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Health Care Facility

One of the topmost reasons to go for Vancouver education is that international students will get low-cost health care. In British Columbia, there is health insurance known as MSP (Medical Services Plan). This health card is issued to every international student who resides in BC. By paying $75 per month students can access emergency services, hospitals and even book an appointment with doctors.

Learn more about MSP in this video.

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Vancouver is a city full of adventure. For international students’ health, transport, food, employment every aspect is important. So, do not forget to check the links provided for your information. Long story short, Van City is a better choice for international students from every perspective.

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Source: Stats of Canada MSP Vancouver Economic Commission


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