Bundle up the smart way this winter

Canada is extremely cold in winter, and it might become challenging especially if you are a new international student in Canada. Coping in a new country with studying, and managing everything that too in harsh winter conditions may get overwhelming for the students. So, here we are with a few tips so that we can help you feel warm this winter!

  1. Cover yourself well

Covering up well from head to toe is the key to feeling warm. Wearing plenty of thin layers and thermals should be your aim every day if you are going out. A jacket, woolen cap, scarf, gloves, and boots are a must to have item. Wearing fleecy clothes also solves the purpose. Moreover, there are plenty of winter accessories as well which you would find in Canada. Some of them are mentioned below:

Types of Gloves available in the market

  • Glove liners

These are gloves that you can wear below your regular pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. They provide an extra layer of protection, absorb sweat and increase warmth.

  • Gloves with touchscreen sensitivity

Who would want to remove the gloves while using a phone, these days even touchscreen gloves are out in the market that helps you feel the warmth while using your phone especially outdoors.

  • Gloves and socks with extra heating

You can find battery-operated gloves and socks to make your hands and feet extra warm. They may be a bit more expensive than regular gloves but they are worth the price!

  • Handwarmers

If the temperature is around zero degrees, then hand warmers can be the best thing you can have in your pockets. These are in the form of small packs. You can get battery-operated ones as well.

  • Balaclavas

Although not required every day, but these are forms of headgear that cover your nose and mouth and neck. These are excellent for winter sports activities or windy winter days.

  • Neck Warmers

You can find neck warmers almost everywhere; they cover your neck and protect from the harsh cold wind. This is amazing for all those who take public transport in winter.

All the winter accessories mentioned above are available at

  1. Exercise well or do some physical activity

It may get a lot more difficult to do an outdoor activity like exercise or jogging but if you have a gym nearby then you must make full use of it. Exercise keeps the body warm! Those extra steps on the treadmill will surely help!

  1. Know weather update 

Before going outside, make a habit of checking the weather on the app so that you can dress up accordingly. The bright sun doesn’t mean a warm day in Canada! It can still be cold.

  1. Food that helps you keep warm

Hot soups or spicy food that consist of onion, garlic, black pepper, produce heat in the body. Root vegetables are also recommended during winter as they help you keep warm. Boiled spinach, beans, potatoes in the form of a soup would be healthy, and tasty and make you stay away from cold. Eating dry fruits like almonds, walnuts also keep you warm.

Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you would be able to beat the winter!

Make sure to always carry a heavy jacket, gloves, woolen cap, wherever you go. If you are in an around Vancouver, then don’t forget to carry an umbrella as well!

Happy winter!

Source: Winter accessories in Canada

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