Flying from India to Canada? Here is the student bag pack Checklist!

Finally, it is that time of the year when your new semester is about to start, and you are excited to move to a new country and eager to start your student life! This period can be exciting, challenging, and overwhelming! Here is a list of things you need to carry with you where you will have your favourite essentials and feel at home!

Passport and other important documents

Make a list of all the necessary documents before coming to Canada, such as your passport, College offer letter, Bank GIC letter, travel insurance, etc. Make a proper folder and keep everything safe, such as your handbag, so you do not lose them.

Woolen Clothes

Canada is warm in the summers but starts getting colder in September. It is vital to keep a warm jacket on you. Moreover, depending upon what season you are flying, here are some tips for the clothes you should carry:

  • Spring and summer: Light-weight cotton clothing is the best for this season
  • Spring and fall: Light sweaters/jackets and light waterproof jackets are helpful for cool and rainy days, especially if you travel to Vancouver as it rains a lot!
  • Winter: Heavy jackets are required, along with scarves, gloves, hats, and waterproof boots for snow

Kitchen essentials

You can get some bare kitchen essentials, the items you are habitual of using such as your favourite coffee mug. You can also carry your favourite non-perishable food items and bring the basics such as spoons, knives, a few spices, etc.

Driving License

If you are a driver with a valid license, it is always good to carry it with you. If you have an international driving license, remember to take it and do not forget to keep this in your documents. Upon arrival in Canada, you will get 90 days to get your Indian Driver’s License converted to a Canadian one. You can drive a car with your Indian license for the first 90 days.

Small first aid kit

You can carry medicines with you, such as a few over-the-counter ones or your prescription medicines. Also, make sure to have a thermometer with you. Carry a lot of masks and hand sanitizers as well.


Don’t forget to carry your laptop, charger, pen drive, hard drive, portable Bluetooth speaker/ Camera, or USB Stick if you have one.

Other Miscellaneous Items

  • Watch
  • Glasses
  • Towels
  • Bed Sheets/Linen
  • Umbrella
  • Scissors
  • Toiletries

A few items you can buy after coming here:

Pillows, cleaning supplies, hangers, and winter clothes or snowshoes!

Apart from this, don’t forget to fill out the Arrive Can App. Click here to know more details to fill out the App. 

Make sure to check the travel restrictions or Covid protocol before flying from there from the Government website.

Source: Suggested Packing List for International Students Travel Protocol Canada

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