Canada working on Digital Vaccine Passport

Vaccine passport

As people in large are getting fully vaccinated, the prospect of normal travel appears to be on the horizon, though travelers may be required to show proof of vaccination to cross borders. Even though travel has been restricted for over a year, people are still taking the risk and paying huge fines at the border or unnecessary charges at quarantine hotels and travelling to Canada by taking indirect flights and long stays in the third country. However, according to government officials, Canada is working on developing a digital vaccine passport that will allow people who are living in Canada and are fully vaccinated to travel abroad in the coming months.

The federal government of Canada is collaborating with provinces, territories, and Indigenous communities to develop this pan-Canadian proof of vaccination passport.  

So, what is this Digital Vaccine Passport?

The digital vaccine passport (also officially known as a “vaccine passport”) will contain the holder’s vaccine history, vaccine type, date of vaccination, and location of vaccination, among other details. This credential will make it easier for Canadians to travel. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents will be able to obtain the credential.

Why we need to have this Digital Vaccine passport?

As the situation in Covid-19 improves, the Canadian government is relaxing travel restrictions, which will increase the inflow and outflow of travelers. You will be required to show proof of vaccination to travel to another country. This digital vaccine passport will collect this information, which you will be able to submit as proof of your ability to cross international borders.

When will we receive this Digital Vaccine Passport?

Federal government has been promising such documents for months, and August 11th’s announcement only moved an inch slightly, with an explanation that the document would be ready by “early fall” and will be digital with a paper option for those who prefer.

Which other countries are using this Digital Vaccine Passport?

The European Union has a vaccine passport system that allows people to travel freely within the region. Several other countries are also working on vaccine passports for both domestic use and international travel.

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