India is a diverse country and there are various traditions and cultures followed by the natives throughout the country. Every festival is celebrated with a lot of passion and devotion. Kerwa Chauth is also one of the most awaited festivals for Indians.

Karwa Chauth is glorified and widely celebrated by northwestern part of India. Karva means clay pot while chauth means fourth. Karwa Chauth commemorates the fourth day that follows the full moon in the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. During the Karwa Chauth festival, married women dedicate the day to their husbands, praying for their long lives and happiness.

Karva Chauth, one of many Hindu festivals, is a fasting ritual observed by all married women who seek the longevity, prosperity, and well-being of their husbands.

This year this festival will be observed on October 13, 2022, Thursday. 

How is the festival celebrated?

This day celebrates the bond and love between husband and wives. The wives dress up in ethnic attire, wear their favourite ornaments, apply mehendi on their hands and fast whole day long. Doing so is considered sacred and ensures long and blessed lives of their husbands. 

Evenings are full of prayers that the women usually do in groups. Fasting on this day is very auspicious. The fast gets completed right after looking at the first sight of the moon on this day. All the ladies wait for the moon to rise so that they can seek blessings from the almighty and complete their fast. They eat and drink food after the moonrise, once all the rituals are done gracefully.

The day ends with feast and prayers. This fast sets a merry tone of frolic and fun, feasting and festivity and is amongst the biggest festivals.

How is the festival celebrated in Canada?

Like India, Indians in Canada are no less in celebrating this festival. It is celebrated in a similar way as in India. The temples in Canada are also decorated and are open to all for the prayers.

Temples to visit in the lower mainland

  • Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, 

           8321 140 St, Surrey, BC V3W 5K9

  • Hare Krishna Temple,

           5462, Marine Drive, Burnaby

Shop at Payal Business Center

Payal Business Center in Surrey is the best place to shop for Kerwa Chauth. It is located at 128th Street & 82nd Ave in Surrey. It has a lot of shops and showrooms for jewellery and ethnic or traditional Indian garments all of a kinds, especially for Hindu festivities shopping. It is conveniently located and has a market which resembles a mini-Punjab or mini-India.

There are various Indian sweet shops as well making this place a must visit around Indian festivals especially on Kerwa Chauth.

Kerwa Chauth Events in Surrey

  • Lakshmi Narayan Mandir

           October 12, 2022 @ 1:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Pooja ceremony will be held during this time followed by mehendi and preeti bhojan.

Address: 8321 140 St, Surrey, BC, V3W 5K9

Canada International Student Magazine wishes everyone a very Happy Kerwa Chauth!

Source: Kerwa Chauth Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Surrey

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