Common Mistakes International Students do in Canada


The life of an international student is like a roller coaster ride. The journey is adventurous and full of ups and downs. Sometimes the student feels the pressure and finds it hard, considering they are away from their home and country. All of this makes the most adventurous time of the students life very challenging, and the students end up being overwhelmed while doing things they shouldn’t do. Being an international student, there are so many challenges that a student has to face. 

If you are new to Canada, you can certainly relate to this. Moving away from your native country and home can be difficult. Some are able to face it and cope well with the challenges, while some give up. Here are some of the most common mistakes that international students make while studying abroad:

Not submitting Assignments on time

In every college, assignments are taken very seriously, and due to lack of concentration, students are not able to hand in the assignments on time. They end up scoring less and often don’t realize that they will have to repeat the entire course again in the following semester. This will result in paying the entire course fees all over again, so think wisely if it’s worth it or not.

Not thinking about plagiarism

Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own. It means copying assignments from peers, and submitting the work without realizing it will be marked poorly for handing in work that isn’t yours. As a result, you could be placed on academic probation for doing so. 

Being on academic probation means the student does not meet minimum academic requirements in any given term. Students should understand that Plagiarism is taken very seriously, especially in Canada. Students should always complete assignments on their own, and not copy from anywhere else if they wish to stay away from the vicious circle of repeating the course again in the next term.

Giving more priority to work over studies

Studying internationally can be expensive, therefore many students wish to earn money simultaneously. Even though there is nothing wrong with that,  a common mistake that students make is that they prioritize work over studies, which creates an imbalance for them. As a result, this will create troubles for their academic forefront. 

Because of this, they are unable to concentrate on their studies, and will not score well. It is not worth ignoring studies for work since it will lead to students falling behind. This will lead to students failing a particular subject, so they will have to pay for school fees again, repeating the course in the next semester.

Spending on unnecessary things

Students tend to spend most of their money on things that are not a priority.. For instance, buying the latest phone or an advanced model car are not necessities, but they become impatient and the majority of their expenditure goes into this. No doubt, dealing with finances for new students can be a task as this is their first experience of studying abroad. 

In order to manage their expenses efficiently, students should make a budget that best suits their needs, which will allow them to save their money. Most banks offer financial counseling to students in Canada, and you can access them both in person or online. Doing so will help you manage your funds in the most appropriate manner.

Not adapting to the multicultural environment

Canada’s culture is diverse in nature. Students face a lot of cultural shock which can lead to frustration, creating a major impact on their academic performance. In order to avoid these circumstances, it is best to learn to embrace the new cultures. It is advisable for the students to try to get involved in different cultural gatherings, engage in social activities, and interact with their friends and faculty so they can communicate effectively. Students should not hesitate to ask questions to their college faculty as they are there to assist the students in the best possible way. Students should always have a positive body language and be empathetic towards their peers.

Taking Exam Stress

Students are often distracted and may not study effectively. As a result, they will not be in the right mindset, which will lead to  mental stress days before their examination. 

To avoid the last minute hassle, students should make a habit of studying regularly. They should manage their time effectively so the fear of failing, academic probation, or suspension is a worry of the past. Having a designated area for studying in the house, and taking breaks regularly in between long study hours improves concentration. Having a proper sleep pattern will also improve your memory, learning, and help relieve your stress.

Not improving English

Students must understand that they are in a new country where English is the most common language to use, unlike in their native country. Students must make as much effort to improve their English speaking skills and vocabulary so that they can easily interact with the local community here. 

Language barrier is a very important factor that makes the students feel out of place. By taking interest in learning English or improving vocabulary, students will be able to speak English fluently which will help them make better interactions with their friends, college faculty, and the local community. Expressing yourself clearly is like half a battle won.

If you focus on these areas, then there are less chances of making these mistakes. You will be able to cope in a better way, and adapt well in the new environment. 

Hope this information was helpful to everyone. It is important to remember that your mistakes are your best teachers. It’s fine to make mistakes just as long as you learn from them and work hard to improve. 

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