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Learn the Top 5 Idioms That Canadians Use All the Time!

Every country, every culture has its own way of saying things. These country/culture-specific phrases or idioms are what make the country and its people unique. The Canadian way of saying certain things is crucial to its identity for it captures the true essence of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual society. As an international student or a new immigrant, understanding the common Canadian phrases might be a struggle. However, rest assured that you will pick up the Canadian way of speaking in no time! But until your ears and get used to them, here’s a one-stop shop for some common Canadian phrases that you start using in your sentences!

Boats in Canada

Why Do Canadians Own 2.3 Million Boats?

Owning a boat or a yacht is not a common phenomenon in India like in some other countries around the world. In India, people consider boating or boat lifestyle similar to vacationing in resorts. The majority of Indians only rent or hire a boat for vacation purposes and will seldom own one. Large houseboats are famous in some states in India where there are water bodies spread across the landscape. India’s Alleppey is one such example that has numerous houseboats which have fully functional homes in them for you to lease as you tour the area. Here is a picture of one such houseboat.

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4 Indian Films You Didn’t Know were Shot in Vancouver

Let it be the gut-crunching action scenes from the Hollywood mega-hit movies A-Team, Titanic or the pondering of future in movies like Tomorrowland, the common denominator that exists in all these movies is Canada’s ‘Hollywood North”. Famous Netflix series like Van Helsing, Batwoman, or Riverdale were also shot in Vancouver. Vancouver, the second home of Hollywood movies, is known as Hollywood North due to the mesmerizing beauty and the super-capable industry potential in the region.

Labour Day

Why Do We Celebrate Labour Day in Canada?

Labour Day is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September. A holiday created to celebrate labourers, it is often recognized as the last holiday of the summer. Labour Day is a statutory holiday in Canada, meaning a day off of work for most people. It is also the last day before school starts, making it a great opportunity for an end-of-summer bash!

Vancouver Skyview

7 Rare Places to Visit in Vancouver

Vancouver, the gem on the west coast of Canada is a paradise in disguise of a city. With the scenic views all around with beaches, mountains and outstanding landscape, every spot in the city is picturesque. We explored some of the not-so-common and interesting things to do in the city recently. Here are some of our findings.

Raksha Bandhan 2021

How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in Canada 2021?

A unique festival that celebrates siblings’ pure and strong bond, Raksha Bandhan is a much-celebrated event in India. India has diverse cultures, beliefs, and traditions, and in every religion, they have a different name for the same festival. Don’t panic for those who identify this festival name because this festival is also known in other names as Rakhi, Rakhi Purnima, Rakhi, Janai Purnima, Salerno, and Gamha Purnima, Ujjwal Silano. Raksha Bandhan comprises two words; Raksha, which indicates “Safety,” and Bandhan, which represents “Bond.” Raksha Bandhan is derived initially from the Sanskrit language, expressing” the relation of siblings which is a bond of safety, protection or care.” The core of the festival is the ritual in which the sister ties a thread or bracelet on her brother’s wrist. In return, the brother commits his sister, a “Promise” to protect his sister from all harm.

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Things in my Freezer

An Indian expat’s experiences in Canada: And today, because it is still scorching thanks to the aforementioned heat wave, I am going to list the


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