Do you need to worry about winter in Canada?

Weather is something that comes to your mind when you plan for a new place. You may have thought about the weather in Canada as you consider studying here. Do you really have to worry about the weather in Canada? Let’s dive into this topic.

Let’s go really back into our past. Humans, in general, evolved from a Tropical environment. However, our ancestors have mastered the art of surviving in frigid and extremely hot conditions. There are places in the middle east, Kuwait, where the temperature goes above 100 degrees in summer. The lowest temperature recorded on the planet is in Antarctica, close to -85 degrees. In Canada, there are places where the temperature drops below -20 in winter.

The evolution, which is a continuous process of mankind is our saviour here too. Just like how an Air Conditioner is working round the clock in the middle eastern part of the world, the heater is a non-stop equipment in cold countries in the winter. Public places like Skytrains, buses, cars, malls, colleges, hospitals and every single building in the country is heated as per building design requirements from the government. All homes and private spaces are also automatically heated.

Winter is a common phenomenon for people who live in Canada. The level of snowfall varies from place to place. Vehicles are equipped with winter tyres, people wear winter boots and dress for the cold weather during winters. Winter lasts for 3 to 4 months; however, it is not extreme in all places. For example, a city like Vancouver only gets snowfall only for a couple of weeks in the entire year. Winter is usually colourful with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The holidays in the winter season brings a totally fresh disposition to the change in weather. People step out in the evenings, go for dinner to beautifully lighted restaurants and malls, go for walks in the decorated gardens etc. Skiing and other winter related games are very famous in Canada. People visit snow covered tourist spots and resorts during winter to enjoy the mesmerizing winter views from the beautiful peaks and natural reserve areas of Canada.

Winter season features reduced daylight time in this part of the planet. This means that you may start to see sunlight only by around 9 AM in the morning and the sunlight may start to disappear even by 5 PM; but, on the contrary, the spring and the summer feature long daylight with the sunlight lasting till 9 PM in the night. Don’t you think nature is trying to be fair here!! The first winter can always be a mix of surprise and nervousness for a newcomer, eventually, people get used to the weather and it becomes a part of your daily life like a coffee or the music that plays in your headphones.

This means that basically, in winter, you will feel the chill only when you step out into open nature, or when you realize that it is winter when looking at the beautiful snow from your window with a cup of coffee. Let us conclude remembering that mankind has never stopped at challenges when it comes to achieving their goals, and you should not too.


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