Do’s & Don’ts for new international students in Canada

Being an international student in a new country may be overwhelming for new students. Besides studying there are so many other things that the students need to take care of like the daily chores, groceries, cooking etc. making the student life no less than a roller coaster ride! So, if you are in Canada as an international student or if you are coming to Canada soon to start a new journey as a student, then here are a few Do’s & Don’ts that you must take care of to make your stay happy and convenient.


  • Socialize

In Canada, socializing is the key, once you build a network of friends, things become much easier. Networking is really crucial in Canada as most of job opportunities require referrals, so once you master the art of socializing, you get open to many opportunities for yourself in the long run.

  • Focus on studies

Staying in a new country may be extremely challenging for some, moreover, it’s a new environment and learning every day which needs to be adapted. In such a scenario, when students have to multi-task, they often loose their calm and start to panic. It is very important to stay focussed on their studies as maintaining good grades will open scholarship opportunities for some even in the second year, also, it is good for overall academic enrichment.

  • Try getting a scholarship

Most Colleges provide scholarship opportunities to international students even in the second year, provided the grades are good. So, you must keep on checking the same and apply with the appropriate documents on time. Scholarships really help balance the financial burden on the students. Being aware and applying may save you thousands of dollars.

You can also check out the scholarship feature on the official website of Canada International Student Magazine under the section Scholarship & Bursaries.

  • Look for a part time job

Aim for a part-time job soon after landing in Canada. This would help not only make new friends but also socialize and make one feel more confident. It is always a good idea to earn some pocket money by working part-time. The sooner the better!

  • Eat home cooked food

International students struggle to get time for cooking but make sure to cook at least one meal every day, to stay healthy and fit. Eating outside can be a lot expensive, especially if it is done every day. So, students can save money by doing this and stay healthy at the same time!

  • Look for on campus work opportunities

It is a good habit to keep an eye on the work opportunities at your campus as well. This will help save more time commuting to work as students can work on the College campus itself. 

  • Make a budget

Making a proper budget is always very important to keep expenses in control. Make sure to spend in the set budget! 


Like so many Do’s, here are a few Don’ts that you must not miss.

  • Don’t take stress

Student life is full of ups and downs, but it is advised not to take stress or panic, especially during exams. Rather, a proper routine should be made so that students can be punctual for their daily chores. This will help them complete their tasks on time and get them enough time to prepare for their studies and get those dream grades!

  • Don’t be forgetful

Students are always busy with their studies and so many other things that they often forget to submit their assignments on time. They even at time forget to pay their bills. This impacts their academic record and credit score respectively. Students must make a proper calendar and write the tasks that need to be done so that they do not forget it later.

  • Don’t miss any work opportunity

Some students wait to start their part-time job and they feel they should first understand the country and culture and then start working and they tend to miss work opportunities that come their way. Rather, they should take their part-time job as early as possible so that they go out, socialize, make new friends, and get those extra bucks.

  • Don’t overspend

Studying internationally can be expensive, so students need to cut down their cost on the things that are not of any urgent requirement. For instance, they can avoid buying new gadgets when they already have one. Also, they can even avoid buying cars, as most provinces in Canada have a well-organized public transportation system.

  • Don’t be restricted 

Students must gel with their friends of different cultures so that they can learn new things and get adapted to the multi-cultural setting easily. Also, they should not hesitate to talk to others. 

  • Don’t delay in getting a SIN

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a unique 9-digit number that one needs in order to work or to access government programs and benefits. It’s a good idea to apply for a SIN as soon as possible so that one can start working sooner. 

Check out our article on how to apply for SIN in Canada

Hope these few tips will help all international students have a smooth and comfortable stay as long as they are studying abroad. 

Source: Do’s and Don’ts for international students 

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