Easter in Canada

Happy Easter

Easter is a global Christian festival. This is the celebration commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, which occurred on the third-day post his burial. The entire week is celebrated as a “holy week” in many countries; however, the most important are the Maundy Thursday which celebrates the last supper, Good Friday, which reminds the Crucifixion and death of Jesus; and the Easter Sunday of resurrection, which is the last day of the weeklong commemoration.

Jesus Resurrection Day

Easter celebrations in Canada are similar to those in many western countries. Easter bunnies are a common phenomenon for young Canadians. Kids look forward to be surprised by the Easter bunny to get chocolates and other gifts. Families gather and exchange gifts during the holidays, especially towards the end of the Easter weeklong holidays.

Another common holiday activity of the season is Easter Egg hunting. Adults plan the egg hunting games for kids. Kids hunt for Easter eggs hidden at various places within the house of the garden and collect them. Easter eggs are egg-shaped shells usually made from chocolate, plastic, or a shell of thin material decorated in various colors and designs. Once the shells are broken or opened, kids find goodies or confectionaries inside them. In Canada, Good Friday and/or Easter Monday are statutory holidays. Quebec is the only province where the employer can choose to stay open on one of these days.

Easter Hunting and Bunnies

Good Friday is usually associated with Hot Cross Buns. These are bread-like buns with raisins and currants in them. The top of the Bun displays a Cross mark which depicts the Christian Cross. You may notice candles lit up at churches and surroundings on an Easter Saturday evening.

Churches conduct religious services on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday in Canada. Some Christians even follow a lent of 40 days prior to Palm Sunday, which is accompanied with abstinence from designated food items or drinks in line with the earlier traditions. Palm Sunday is the Sunday that falls before Easter Sunday.

As Easter falls during the spring season, families choose to step out on Easter weekend too. Many families choose to join for picnics at community parks, restaurants, and nearby outdoor places to enjoy the holiday weekend in Canada. The long weekend also lets people to travel to nearby destinations. Easter is generally a celebration of joy in Canada as it also falls near the transition from winter to spring with emerging greenery and bloom around.

Easter Family Picnic

Although Easter is a religious festival, it is enjoyed by all due to the long weekend associated to it. The prevalent COVID restrictions may have stopped many of you from outdoor activities this year, but we hope that you have had a great weekend to relax and have some fun.

What did you do this Easter? Did you manage to visit a new place or do something new and interesting? Share us your pictures or videos to, and we will share interesting ones for our readers as well.

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