#BacktoSchool’21: A Checklist for Your First Week of School

and non-first-years re-learning to go to school in person, I KNOW!! I know it’s a crazy, jittery week for you all and of course, you forgot to make a back-to-school checklist for yourself! Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here’s a comprehensive checklist that will help you in your first week at school.


7 Reasons Why International Students Love Vancouver for Studies and Settlement

Mesmerizing scenic views, soothing climate, warm-hearted people, and rich culture are what you will find in Vancouver. Vancouver is the most attractive place for tourists within Canada in the lap of nature. Not only from the tourist perspective, but Vancouver is also one of the best places to study, earn and settle. Van City (another one of the names of Vancouver) is the largest city established on the West Coast that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Mountain range. Besides its astonishing nature, Vancouver has numerous other facts to be considered a great Educational Destination.  

University Canada West

Why Study in University Canada West?

If you want to study in Canada at an affordable price, University Canada West might be the right choice for you. University Canada West is

Canada off-campus work permit

Canada Off-campus Work Permit

International students who are studying in Canada are eligible for 20 hours of off-campus work a week during their studies. They do not need another

Plagiarism in Canada

Is Plagiarism a Crime in Canada?

Plagiarism is the act by which you take credit for someone else’s work without giving appropriate acknowledgment to the original author. Though plagiarism has been


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