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Can International Students Enroll in Canada’s Free Healthcare Program?

It is known to all of us that one of the most coveted benefits for people who move to Canada is its government-sponsored Healthcare program. Healthcare programs are offered by many countries to their citizens; however, the extent of coverage varies from place to place. Canada provides free healthcare to its citizens and residents. This means that your doctor visits, most of the diagnosis and medication expenses are covered by the government. This could be a very helpful service to the citizens of a country.

Tips for SOP

5 Foolproof Tips to Write a Powerful SOP

Writing a Statement of Purpose for your studies in Canada can be daunting, especially when you are not a person of many words. There, there. I hear you! Before you melt into a puddle from the thought of writing an SOP that needs to compete with other international applications, read these tips.


How I nailed my MBA in 15 months using Time Management

I celebrated my new year 2020 in Canada it means 1 January 2020 was the day I landed in Canada (Vancouver) as an International Student. I pursued MBA at the University of Canada West (UCW). Things were normal at the initial stage, the challenge that I faced when I started my studies and was looking for a Part-time job.

Canada Ranked No.1 Country in the World

Canada Ranked No.1 Country in the World

Canada has taken the No.1 spot in overall quality of life according to the 2021 Best Countries Report. This ranking and analysis report was conducted by the

Happy Easter

Easter in Canada

Easter is a global Christian festival. This is the celebration commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, which occurred on the third-day post his

Canada off-campus work permit

Canada Off-campus Work Permit

International students who are studying in Canada are eligible for 20 hours of off-campus work a week during their studies. They do not need another


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