Kickstart Your Path to SFU with Fraser International College’s UTP Stage I Program

About Fraser International College

Fraser International College (FIC) is a privately-owned educational establishment in partnership with Simon Fraser University. Situated within SFU’s Burnaby campus in British Columbia, FIC offers programs and courses tailored to assist first-year students in seamlessly transitioning into their second year at SFU.

What is a direct pathway program and how does it work?

A direct pathway program aims to offer a straightforward route for students to advance from one educational level to another, usually from a foundational or preparatory program like UTP (University Transition Program) to an undergraduate degree program. Such programs are prevalent in institutions like FIC, which provide pathway programs tailored for international students or those requiring extra academic preparation prior to enrolling in a formal degree program.

UTP Stage I 

To complete FIC’s pathway program to SFU, students must first enroll in UTP Stage I (and subsequently in UTP Stage II). This intensive 8 month program (two academic terms), serves as a bridge between secondary school and undergraduate studies, equipping students for entry into university-level programs such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Arts, and Social Sciences.

The eight courses offered in this stage focus on cultivating critical thinking, research, and writing skills, while also enhancing proficiency in the English language. During this phase, students will benefit from smaller class sizes, individualized attention from committed faculty members, and a nurturing environment that promotes academic self-assurance.

Program information

  • Duration: 8 months (2 academic terms)
  • Location: Burnaby campus
  • Tuition: $25,494 CAD (2023/2024)
  • Intake: January, May, September, 

UTP Stage II

What does UTP Stage II offer you?

After successfully finishing Stage I, students will progress to Stage II, which mirrors the first year of studies at SFU. Programs available in this stage comprise the Associate of Arts Degree, Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering Science, Communication, Art and Technology, and Environment. Upon meeting the requisite university admission criteria for Stage II, students can then apply to transfer to SFU as second-year students.

Smaller Classrooms

In UTP Stage II programs, students benefit from a more personalized and dynamic learning environment due to smaller class sizes. This translates to increased opportunities for engagement, active participation, and direct interactions with instructors.

Expert SFU Professors’ Lectures

UTP Stage II students have the privilege of being instructed by distinguished professors from SFU. These educators impart their knowledge and expertise, guaranteeing students receive high-quality education that aligns with SFU’s academic standards.

Lower GPA Transfer Requirement to SFU

UTP Stage II programs provide students with a lower GPA requirement for transferring to Simon Fraser University. This facilitates a more attainable route for students to pursue advanced education at SFU, fostering academic advancement and achievement.

SFU Campus Access and On-Campus Housing: 

Participants of UTP Stage II enjoy full access to SFU’s extensive range of facilities, encompassing libraries, recreational amenities, and student support services, which nurture both academic and personal development. Furthermore, students have the option to reside in on-campus dormitories, providing convenient and comfortable accommodation in close proximity to their academic pursuits.

Program requirements

In UTP Stage I, students can select their courses from a predefined list. Advancement to UTP Stage II necessitates the satisfactory completion of at least eight courses with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA) of 2.5.


The eight courses in UTP Stage I include: 

  • UNI101 (University Life 101), IUW100 (Introduction to University Writing) or INS101/102 (Interdisciplinary Special Topics 101/102)
  • One/two math classes based on your UTP II stream
  • Additional electives

Students can also select the following courses: 

  • BUS108 – Business Management
  • COM001 – Introduction to Computing Concepts & Algorithms
  • COM002 – Introduction to Computers & Their Applications
  • ECN100 – Introduction to Economics
  • MTH009 – Beginning with Algebra
  • MTH101 – Introduction to Mathematics
  • MTH103 – Foundations of Mathematics
  • PHL120 – Introduction to Philosophical Reasoning
  • WIS100 – World Issues

See here for suggested class combinations. 

70% Jump Rule

Students who have completed 12 years of education in their home country may be eligible for direct entry to UTP Stage II by fulfilling certain criteria, which includes attaining a minimum average of 70% in four UTP Stage I classes. The determination of eligibility for this exemption is made during the admission process and will be stated in the student’s Letter of Offer if they meet the necessary criteria.

Source: FIC | SFU – UTP Stage I Overview 

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