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Have you dreamt about flying an airplane as a child? Are you passionate about flying and aviation? If yes, then Okanagan College has all that you want. Commercial Aviation Diploma, offered at Okanagan College, can help you make your dream of flying come true.

Located in British Columbia’s wine capital, Okanagan College (OC) provides a variety of aviation courses. The school has three campuses, located in Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon, with the main campus being Kelowna. Every year, thousands of students attend the school, and the average class size is 18-20 students.

The school promotes community learning, providing high-quality education to international students. The class sizes are small, making the learning environment easy and understandable. Also, the College offers Co-op & Practicum opportunities so that the students can get hands-on practice.

About the Course: Commercial Aviation Diploma

This is a two-year program that integrates the flight training required by Transport Canada with business administration courses applicable to the aviation industry. Students can attain the commercial aviation licensing requirements by the end of the course and gain the knowledge to navigate the flight, both on and off the ground.

Students enrolled in this program are required to take business courses each semester. This course combines aviation, business courses, and hands-on experience with aircraft.

Students will be able to work as commercial pilots with charter companies, regional carriers, and private corporations, and upon attaining sufficient flying hours, will also have job opportunities with reputed airline companies. Graduates may also find employment in other aviation-related careers.

What does Flight Training consist of?

  • Flight Training
  • Simulator Training
  • Aviation Theory 
  • Exams

The academic portion of the program is completed at Okanagan College and consists of eight 3-credit courses taken as part of this program.

Admission and Tuition

To be eligible for the Commercial Aviation Diploma program, the students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed high school or equivalent
  • 60% towards English 12 or meet the respective OC school English alternatives
  • Complete Math 11 with at least 70%
  • 1st Class Aviation Medical
  • Letter of recommendation from the Southern Interior Flight Center
  • Proof of ability to meet Transport Canada’s Aviation Language Requirements

The aviation fee for the program is $70,000CAD, but students will have to pay for the business courses separately. 

Click here to know more about the fee of the business courses.

Career opportunities

Studying aeronautics will open career opportunities in the aeronautics and aerospace industry. From customer service reps to pilots, the airline industry is full of choices. Some of the career opportunities are mentioned below:

Aerospace engineers – They develop the types of aircraft operated today. It’s not always just working with airplane parts, but aerospace engineers will also spend a lot of time studying how to use aircraft safely and efficiently.

Estimated annual income: $88,638

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – For aircraft to operate efficiently, they need regular checks and maintenance which is the core job of aircraft maintenance engineers. They check and test aircraft systems to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Estimated annual income: $88,638

Pilot – is one of the dream jobs of anyone who want to study aviation. Smaller pilots can also work as firefighters, surveyors, and emergency personnel.

Estimated annual income: $108,069

Flight attendant – is the most flexible of all airline employees. They are well versed in customer service and emergency response and familiar with aircraft.

Estimated annual income: $66,718

Air Traffic Controllers – Despite working on the ground, these people are crucial to the safety of those in the air. They provide information and have the authority to decide whether the aircraft will be landed or taken off.

Estimated annual income: $104,030

Make your dreams fly high by studying in this program.

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