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Physics is a branch of science that deals with matter, energy and their interactions. The role of physicists in developing new technologies is significant. With the advancement of technology, the need for such qualified people increases. Physics and modern technology have a symbiotic relationship, so this program is for those interested both in fundamental science and in applying it to an industrial or laboratory setting. 

Students in this program not only learn the basics of physics but also develop technical skills that are highly applicable to the work area. There is no better school for learning physics and modern tech than KPU, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, in British Columbia.

Bachelor of Science, Physics for Modern Technology

This program at KPU includes Geospatial Information Systems and Green Energy Technology. Electronics, green energy technology, telecommunications, industrial control systems, sales and teaching are some of the career paths can graduates in this discipline can enter into.

Also, this program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of physics as well as its modern-day applications. After completing this program, the students will have many career options to choose from but not limited to –

  • Industrial Process Control
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Green Energy Technology

There are electives you can take like business and writing. The best part about KPU is that they offer work placement programs as well to ensure further success when you graduate. 

Content of the Physics Program

Program content has been designed in such a way that it is easier for the students to find employment upon graduation as well as a work placement. Subjects covered in the program include:

  • Quantum Physics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Computer Programming
  • Business
  • Optics & Optoelectronics

Admission Requirements

There are two main categories that need to be met in order to be eligible for KPU’s physics program. 

  1. Qualify as one of the following:
    • Mature student
    • High school student
    • Transfer student
    • Aboriginal student

As an international student, you are most likely going to fall under the category of a mature student. This means that an applicant who will be 19 years of age or older on the first day of classes is not a secondary school graduate. Please note that the high school records/transcripts showing the highest level of completion are required to be considered in this applicant category.

However, in some cases, you may also qualify as a high school or transfer student, but that’s not as common. 

  1. Satisfy the program’s specific requirements

In this case, it’s simply the English proficiency that needs to be satisfied. KPU accepts IELTS, as most post-secondary institutions do. They also have the same standard. 

The Physics program has more or less the same requirements as other courses including the English requirement. 

Career Prospects

Physical science offers a vast and expanding range of job opportunities at a time when careers are changing. In areas such as cancer treatment, the fight against climate change, and robotics and artificial intelligence, physics and physicists are on the front lines, shaping the future.

Below are some of the careers and average salaries you can get with a Physics in Modern Technology Major, from engineering to art. 

  1. Researcher ($79,000/year)

Researchers tend to work at post-secondary institutions and are the ones who produce articles for university students to reference in their papers. Between 2019 and 2029, there are about 2000 expected openings in BC. 

  • Software Engineer and Designer ($97,000/year)

This is for those who can manage computers and websites. They make the user experience go as smoothly as possible. In BC, the job market forecast states that by 2029, there will be about 4,500 openings. 

  • Video Game Developer ($86,500/year)

Also under the software developer, video game developers make sure that the games run smoothly. They may also be responsible for the graphics of the game, making the game as smooth as possible. In BC, they expect a lot of job openings between 2019- 2029, with over 6000 openings!  

In general, physicists earn a salary that starts at $80,000. Studying physics in school opens a lot of career opportunities. If you’re more academic, you can work at universities and become a researcher. 


KPU has an experienced faculty and offers students a new and refreshing way to study this program. Whether you want to continue in academia or want to apply it to a more practical field, a Bachelor’s in Physics for Modern Technology is a good choice for you. Taking these courses at KPU will not only open up many career opportunities for you but will also allow you to understand the world better. 

Source: Physics Salary Bachelor’s of Physics for Modern Technology

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