Getting a driver’s License in Ontario

Ontario is the education and technological hub of Canada Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) is one of the most preferred destinations among Indian students and workers to travel, study, explore, and make a successful career. It’s important to have a driving license in Ontario to travel and drive across different regions

Can you drive in Ontario on an Indian license?

The answer is no !! Unlike British Columbia, Ontario does not permit Indian driver’s license holders to drive on a study permit. But as you move to Ontario you can drive on an Indian driving license for up to 60 days after which you will need an Ontario driving license to drive in Canada 

How to get a driving License in Ontario?

Let us simplify things for you!

Having an Indian driving license with experience of more than 2 years – 

If as a student or a temporary worker, you have a driving experience of more than 2 years and can prove it to the authorities through relevant documents you can get through an expedited driving license process and eventually get a full driving license (G). You need to book a written test (G1) about traffic rules and signs once you are fully prepared, you can book the written test and once you pass the written you can immediately book a (G) road test once you clear the road test congrats you have a full license and now you can drive anywhere across Ontario 

Having an Indian driving license with experience of fewer than 2 years –

If you have driving experience of less than 2 years you need to take the written test (G1) once you are fully prepared. After passing the written you become eligible for the G2 road test (G2 lets you drive with certain conditions). After driving safely for almost one year you become eligible for a full G license for which you have to take another road test after one year. Once you clear the G road test you get a full driving license in Ontario on which you can drive without any restrictions 

Individuals who do not have a driving license from India –  

Individuals who do not have a driving license from their home country need to complete a graduated licensing program step-by-step to attain a full driving license

Step 1) Clearing the knowledge test ( written test)

After studying traffic rules signs one can go for booking a written test. Handbook and study material for knowledge tests can be purchased for 15$ at any drive test center or online through service ontario. After clearing the knowledge test you get a G1 license You need to wait for a full 1 year and drive with restrictions on a G1 license before you become eligible for a G2 license. Click the link below to know more about driving restrictions on G1 and G2 licenses Get a G driver’s licence: new drivers | 

Step 2) G2 ( road test ). 

 After completing 1 year on a G1 license you become eligible for a G2 road test If you finish the government-approved driving program you can be eligible to take this after 8 months. Successful completion of this road test will help you get a G2 license with which you can drive a car but with certain conditions. Click Get a G driver’s licence: new drivers | to know more about the approved driving schools

Take the final (G road test) 

After driving for one year on a G2 license you become eligible for a G driving license. Once you pass this test you become eligible for a full license and you are eligible to drive on any road without any restriction

Proving your driving experience 

You can self-declare the driving experience for up to 1 year by showing an original driving license. To prove a driving experience of more than 1 year you will need an official letter (abstract) from a government agency that issued the driving license. It is recommended to get the abstract from the home country and relevant authorities before traveling to Canada.

Disclaimer: The information has been gathered as accurately as possible at the time of writing. Please check the government’s official website and digital channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Sources:  Get a G driver’s licence: new drivers |,

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