Houses for Rent and Types of Houses in Canada

Houses for Rent in Canada

Houses for Rent in Canada for International Students

We appreciate your remarkable efforts and the right decision to study in Canada. What do you need to know next? Finding affordable accommodation for yourself! Here are some of the tips to find houses or apartments for rent in Canada.

Houses or Apartments for rent in Canada for international students

It is not a difficult task to find houses for rent in Canada, especially in the major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Travellers can book hotels or rent houses or apartments in Canada from their home country. Or they can look for accommodation after landing in Canada. Either way, you can follow the simple approach of finding accommodation online. You can set your budget while searching for house rentals on these online portals or websites. Some of the popular online platforms for renting a room or house are:

Facebook marketplace

If you want to find a home, I personally recommend that you opt for this one since it’s very simple and there are a lot of choices depending on the type of house that you are looking for. On the Facebook marketplace, there are filters to narrow down your search by the radius of a location, as well as in a city, neighborhood, or with zip code. In addition to this, there are also other filters to find houses by price, type of accommodation, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly houses, etc. Moreover, you can set up an alert to get notified whenever a home matches your criteria; this way, you will never miss a house again. It is the most convenient and time-saving way of finding houses in Canada. 


Craigslist is a website where you can search for places. The website has search criteria here as well, and you can see ads posted matching your criteria. 


Kijiji is another online classified website where you can sell or buy things. You will find a lot of house owners posting their rental postings in this section. You could filter the listings as per your requirement and call the house owners to make an appointment and check out the place.


Vanmates is a housing company, which manages many rental houses in Vancouver. The company has contracted with a number of house owners, and the rentals are managed by the company. You could go to their website and choose to book portions or rooms as per your requirement. You could search and make these bookings while being in your home country as well. If you are making these bookings from your home country, you could sign a contract for 3 months. Once you are here, if you like the place of stay, you can decide to extend the contract.


There are various real estate agents in the city. Many of their profiles can be found on the internet by doing a quick Google search. You will find the best homes for sale and rental opportunities by contacting them directly and informing them of your preferences. They will get in touch with you with the available listings.

Types of houses in Canada


Most of the houses in Canada have Basements. A basement is a floor that is partially underground. You should feel absolutely no fuss at all about renting out a room in a basement. You can still enjoy all the amenities of a basement, such as windows that open to the outdoors, and integrated heating or room heaters, and ample storage and rooms with quality furniture.

Basement House


Condos are equivalents of apartments in India. Condos will have a common entrance with an electronically managed entry and lift lobby which leads to residential units. Condos are also available on a sharing basis. Most students who are studying in the city will rent a room in a condo.

Condos in Vancouver

Independent houses 

The independent house will have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes even more than one kitchen. Many of the rooms in the multi-storied building may be rented out to different people, including some who are working as well. 

Independent House

You should be aware that there might be some sound restrictions also in your shared living space, something you have not experienced previously in your home country. People do not operate a mixer or a washing machine or operate anything that generates loud noise post-dinner time in houses as this may disturb others.

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