How is Halloween Day 2020 Celebrated in Canada?

Halloween is coming soon! Halloween Day, another festival that everyone in Canada celebrates. Families in Canada believe that mortals and souls (dead relatives) mingle with each other and enjoy their time on this day. To invite their good souls to their door, people would carve pumpkins and place lights inside them and illuminate as a sign of celebration. 

Halloween Celebration At Home in 2020! 

People celebrate Halloween Day on October 31 every year. Due to COVID-19, it is encouraged to celebrate this special day at home this year. There are numerous ways to celebrate Halloween at home and here are some of them:

Carve pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a traditional activity followed by people in Canada. This year also the same can be continued without any restrictions. People can go to stores, buy a bunch of pumpkins and start carving them. And now the decoration part comes! These carved pumpkins will be decorated with colourful lights and placed in the living halls or outside of their doors. 

Shop variety of candies

On Halloween Days, it is a tradition to keep a lot of candies at every doorstep so that kids can collect those candies as many as they want. This year also, people can order a variety of seasonal candies from stores and start the holiday season with extra-sweet by distributing these special candies among the family members. 

Watch scary movies

People can use this time to spend quality time with their families. Watching scary movies on this day is another interesting activity to do with families. 

Wear your Halloween costume

Though Halloween is celebrated at home this year, people can still wear Halloween costumes at home. Shopping for Halloween costumes is a fantastic activity, especially for kids and teenagers. A small family party at home with Halloween music on non-stop can make the celebration fun. Family members can still invite their friends and relatives for a virtual costume party.

Play Halloween games

Games can be played virtually with friends and families, such as Halloween costume contest, scary story-telling, Karaoke or a dance party, tik-tok Halloween challenge, pumpkin decoration contest and so on.

2020 is a tough year, but let us hope we will get through this soon and every festival can be celebrated with our families and friends again, not virtually but in real. 


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