How To Apply for Canada PGWP Extension!

how to apply for canada pgwp extension

The Government of Canada has released all the details regarding how to apply for an open work permit for those who got their post-graduate work permits (PGWP) expired or going to expire. This open work permit that you are going to apply for is valid only for 18 months, and it cannot be extended. To apply for this, make sure that your passport is valid for 18 months or longer. You can apply for this open work permit in two ways – online or paper-based. 

To apply online, 

  1. Keep your electronic copies ready for all your documents
    1. Along with your documents, you also need to include a letter that says you are applying for an open work permit under the Public Policy Facilitating the Issuance of an Open Work Permit to Former or Current Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holders. 
  2. Keep your valid credit or debit card ready.
How to Apply for Canada PGWP Extension

How much does it cost for this application from your end?

To process this application, you will need to pay 

  • The work permit fee, i.e., $155 and
  • The openwork permit fee, i.e., $100, that is, $255 in total.

To apply for this work permit online, you need to have an account in the IRCC portal. If you don’t have your account created on the IRCC portal, then please create one.

For this open work permit, you should apply online by July 27, 2021.

We will get back to you soon!

If you cannot apply online, download the application forms listed on the government website and prepare your application package before you proceed with your application. To pay the fees for your paper-based application, go to the online payment portal and pay the fees. Include your payment receipt with your application while submitting it. 

Sources & Other Useful Links:

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