How to communicate effectively in a Multi-cultural environment


Canada is not only known for its beautiful landscapes but also known for multi-culturalism. So, one needs to excel in communication skills to communicate effectively and it is actually not that hard to do so. Although everyone places “great communication skills” on their resume however it isn’t always the case that they possess these skills. So, let us throw some light on a few tips to help you communicate effectively so that you are confident enough to study in such a diverse country. Hopefully, these tips will improve your current level of communication and make you more confident in interacting with others.

Positive Body Language

Body language is a type of non-verbal communication that helps us in being dignified, approachable and presentable to others. Eye contact, monitoring tone of voice or having perfect posture while talking to others are a few examples of positive body language. This certainly makes us more confident and we can give our first good impression to others, especially at interviews. But make sure you don’t overdo it. A positive attitude helps us in having positive body language and once you master this art this is certainly a cherry on the cake.

Be empathetic

One should always be empathetic to others. Empathy is to be able to think from other’s points of view. This applies to almost any conversation you have with anyone, whether personal or professional. Being empathetic towards others proves to them that you understand them better and are being considerate. Not only does this make your partner in the conversation feel better, but it invites them to reciprocate effectively. This quality is important in your work as well especially if you take up a customer service role in the future.

Know the person you’re talking to

Knowing the person you’re talking to is also crucial and will determine how the conversation would build further. There is a lot of difference between communicating in personal and professional front as the language in the former setting would be casual and formal in the latter setting. For instance, when talking with professors, try to bring up topics of their interests like research on their subject. This will showcase your knowledge about the subject matter which would create a positive image of yours in front of your teachers.

Be positive

Having a positive mindset means you are optimistic about the world around you. It builds resilience, boosts work performance and improves interpersonal relationships. As discussed earlier, positive body language is a must for you to be able to communicate effectively. This could include smiling, maintaining eye contact and monitoring the tone of your voice. Not only does this send the signal that you’re confident, but it also encourages others to interact with you further. Another perk of being positive is that it shows your potential employers that you can handle issues in an efficient manner and this quality of yours will win you brownie points over other applicants.

Reread and spell check for written communication

These days everything is digital including communication. One should make sure that any written piece of text that they are sending to others, especially in the professional setting is error-free. It’s one of the most important of the 5 tips to help you communicate effectively. Many websites can help you spot and correct your mistakes. It is always advisable to spend more time creating a message than to send one full of errors. Now that you have these 5 tips to help you communicate effectively, go out and try them. Being consciously aware of your communication is the surest way to improve. So, make sure you’re incorporating as many tips as you can and check to see if they’re working well!

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