How to cope up with Homesickness

Moving abroad for higher education can be thrilling and energizing but it can also be incredibly challenging in many ways. All new students must have arrived by now and would be mesmerized to see all the Canadian provinces.

The most important challenge that is faced by the international students abroad is homesickness. So, it’s very important not to let this prevent you from enjoying your stay.

The feeling of homesickness can come from a few different factors, such as disconnection from familiar people, difficulty in adjusting to a new environment, feeling lonely, confusion, and understanding a new culture or language. Coping with this feeling is very personal and you can try the following ideas if you are missing home during your stay. Here are a few strategies that can help overcome this and make your new journey in the student life enjoyable.

  • Make New Friends & Socialize

It is always good to interact with your peers and socialize. Remember, the other students are sailing in the same boat as you, so don’t be shy, invite them over for a cup of coffee or just go out with them for a relaxing lunch or dinner. Making new friends with locals would also be very exciting. After all, they can be your best guide overseas. 

  • Create a Routine

It is always good to make a daily routine for yourself that includes cooking yourself a great breakfast, lunch, and/or  dinner, walking, playing sports, going out with friends etc. You can also go out for groceries as you tend to learn grocery shopping which most of the students are not habitual of doing back home.

Practicing meditation or going for a long walk with new friends or doing something you love, will help you to get oriented and make you feel better.

  • Develop Healthy Eating Habits

It is obvious that you would like to try new dishes and flavours but moving abroad isn’t an excuse to eat fried food thrice a day! Make sure you’re getting enough fruits and veggies packed with enough vitamins and minerals to keep you active throughout the day. Explore new dishes from your friend’s country and try new recipes. You can do this with your roommate or friends to make cooking a fun activity.

  • Learn Public Transit

Public transit is different for every country and as a new student you must learn how to use it. How to make Compass Cards or learning new SkyTrain maps should be your priority. By doing this, you would feel more independent and can explore the city you are in on your own.

Click here to view our video on how to use public transit in Vancouver.

  • Visit your local Library

You can visit local libraries in the city and enjoy reading a lot of books to have a break from your daily routine. You can also socialize with your friends in the libraries as if they had a great place not only to read books but also to make new friends as well.

Click here to view our video that shows a local library in the city.

You may also wish to start writing a diary about what you did that day, as a memory of your student journey to keep with you forever. 

Whether you choose to follow some of these tips or come up with your own strategies, do what you can to make your study abroad experience a time filled with good fun-filled memories. 

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Source: Ways to overcome homesickness at university

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