How to find a job in Canada?


Being an international student is no less than a roller coaster ride and once upon completing graduation, students enter a challenging but equally exciting period of job search. Some find it very difficult to land their first job and some find it easy. It sometimes takes a while but once the job is in hand, then all the hard work put in searching for a job is worth it in the end.

Many students are not aware that job search support services are available at their school or College and many times these services are the first support for any student in the job-hunting process. Students must make sure that they check with their college faculty about the same so that job or placement assistance is needed. There are certain things to be kept in mind like tailoring your resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills using this job search assistance service.

Time to Find a Job?


It is the provincial government’s website where one can hunt for a job. Under the WorkBC Job board, one can search for their dream jobs by selecting various options like the preferred location of the job they are looking for, salary range, industry type, occupation, etc. They can also select the job type while searching. One can easily register and receive job alerts and save or manage their favourite jobs and searches so that it becomes convenient for them to shortlist or search for the same job again. They can also set their options when choosing a job like full-time or part-time or be it a Co-op. WorkBC helps navigate the BC Labour market easily and effectively.

WorkBC also explains rights as a job applicant

There are some rights that every job seeker in BC enjoys. Every employer has to offer the minimum wage set in that province. No one can offer less than that. No one can charge a fee for submitting a job application. Lastly, every job seeker has a right to be free from any kind of discrimination.

Please note that these rights apply to all workers whether they are B.C. residents or temporary foreign workers.

Click here, to know about the rights of a job applicant in detail.

・ Job Bank 

One can search for the latest public and private sector job opportunities in Canada. They can see the current market trends and find various resources about working and living in Canada. 

Click here, to learn more.

Talent Egg 

Students can easily get connected with employers and find good work for them. It is designed specifically for students and fresh graduates who are actively seeking a job. One can also search for a volunteer position here.

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It is also similar to other job search websites mentioned above. The best part is that it also shows the company reviews, interview review questions, salary range, etc. to help students find a job that is the right fit for them. Students can check the company reviews before applying for a job.

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Career Options 

It is a kind of an e-magazine that offers advice to the students on various education, job search and career matters designed especially for the post-secondary students. It covers a lot of student-friendly topics as well. It is published by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) and offers valuable guidance and practical tips.

50 Ways to get a job

It is a web resource that guides job seekers through the steps involved in a job search. It is very beneficial, especially for the fresh graduates as they get proper guidance here that too step by step. For instance, it would also explain how to update your LinkedIn profile right from changing the picture or putting the description or endorsing the skills, etc.

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It is an employment website which is purely used for business and employment-oriented services like professional network building. Students can make their profile and mention their educational background and work experience. Also, students should not forget to mention the skills that they have like for instance, any software they know related to their industry. Skills hold significant importance and can help one get the job easily. One can also connect with colleagues, classmates, and other professionals in the same industry.  

Click here, to learn more.

These are a few useful websites that will help you find a perfect job. Make sure to update your resume from time to time and don’t forget to mention the skills on websites like LinkedIn. You should also tailor your CV according to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a customer service job, then mention only that in your CV, no matter even if you have experience working in any other industry.

Hope these tips would be helpful to you. Happy job hunting!

50 Ways to get a job
Talent Egg Job bank
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