How to Prepare for Future In-Demand Careers in Canada

The modern human lifestyle is a product of generations of continued innovations.

As we ask Siri or Alexa to wake us up in the morning or when we pop ice cubes into a drink, hardly do we know how these tasks used to be managed centuries ago. Technology is continuing to drive our lives in various ways and dimensions today. Self-driving cars and virtual assistants that deliver customer service make some of us even fray about the future of jobs around us. However, if we take an extended look at how things have changed for mankind due to technology, it will all start making sense in the grand scheme of things. Let’s take a look at a few jobs of the past to make sense of our thought process:

Aircraft listeners

Aircraft detection before radar, 1917-1940 - Rare Historical Photos
Blogspot. Acoustic Locater

Until the 1930s, the Aircraft listener’s job was an important one in the defence world. Specially trained humans were assigned by countries to listen to approaching enemy aircraft. An array of devices like sound mirrors from which the sounds could be picked by a microphone was used to assist too. Think how inefficient it would have been if that job existed today where we had to depend on people to detect an approaching aircraft and either plan a defensive action or landing preparation! Radars took over this job and delivered an efficient solution to this requirement today, although Aircraft listener jobs disappeared.

Knocker upper

Wikimedia. Porder.

Your cellphone today has the ability to wake you up with preferred music without fail. However, this was not the case in the early 19th and 20th centuries. People used to take up the job of waking others up on-demand. They used to use sticks or pea shooters to tap at people’s windows to wake them up. Imagine someone having to do that today, especially with our growing number of skyscrapers!! However, the cities of the industrial era found this service very helpful. We could agree that this job is obsolete in today’s world, and it is not a good use of human time to walk around a city waking up others!


COMPOSITOR - Definition and synonyms of compositor in the English dictionary
Willi Heidelbach. Willi Heidelbach/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Till computers took over in the 20th century, the printing industry was dependent on typesetters. As printing machines became more electronic, the need to have a human sitting in front of a printing machine for long hours to arrange the letter blocks diminished. A computer would let you type in the matter, allow format changes and trigger printing digitally at a considerably higher efficiency. People who had to continue jobs in the industry had to either learn how to work on computers or take up other roles. Today, when we look back, electronic typing and printing make a lot of sense and the change was for good.

Link boys
Let there be light: Link-boys | London Details

Our mobile phones and power banks today are equipped with LED lights that can brightly light our path today. This was not the case during the middle ages. Boys holding torches (definitely the traditional ones put together with twigs or dry natural material) used to light up the path for pedestrians to walk at night. If you were rich, you could hire a link boy for your commutes too. As the electrification of cities increased and street lights started to appear, link boys started to disappear.

Although the advancement of technology has erased many jobs historically, we notice that the changes were in the direction of more efficiency, convenience and progress. Science and technology have always moved forward in these terms and being afraid or resisting such changes would not be a wise thing if one is trying to plan their career for the future.

The present

Today, we have many jobs expected to be made irrelevant due to technological advancements like the ones below. A smart approach to prepare for such changes would be to educate and equip yourself to take on new jobs that are identified to have a higher potential in future. Below are some of the present-day examples:

Taxi Drivers – As self-driving cars are preparing to take over our roads, this technology is set to replace driver jobs in foreseen future.

Factory Workers – The number of people working in assembly lines is rapidly reducing. Thanks to robotics and advanced engineering. Machines are nowadays able to carry out precise tasks which were entrusted to qualified engineers in the past.

Cocktail Waiters – High-end bars with precisely stocked drinks are able to employ robotic arms to make cocktails on demand. This facility has already replaced cocktail waiter jobs on some of the high-end cruise ships.

Customer Service jobs – We all use the instant chat service available on websites provided by banks, telecom companies and various businesses. This has replaced many customer service jobs.

Well, since it is evident that technology disruption and changing job opportunities is an ongoing phenomenon, it is only prudent to have a far sight into the future of jobs. If so, what are the jobs of the future? Let’s take a look.

Software Developers 18 month, Computer Systems Technology Diploma, Vancouver Community College

Software developer jobs are in high demand already. Large corporations to start-ups that are fueling the growth of technology depend on Software Engineers for their success. Although basic jobs in this industry could get automated in the short future, this is a very futuristic stream to be in. Vancouver Community College provides Computer Systems Technology Diploma which could equip you with the necessary skills to start your Software Career while the market is hot.

Business Analytics – Learn Business Analytics from Vancouver Community College

With a large amount of data being generated as part of the infusion of technology into businesses, analyzing data to form insights and to help decision making has become a domain of interest for organizations around the world. Many businesses also depend on their access to real-time data to optimize their performance in the marketplace. Business Analytics is all set to grow in future.

Okanagan College Logo
Okanagan College Logo

Technology JobsInfra and Computing Technology Diploma from Okanagan college

Technology jobs, in general, are set to grow in future. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Space technology etc. are leading the pack. It would be a great idea for the people of the future to have technical skills in their armoury. It will help to stay relevantly skilled in the high-tech space of future opportunities.

Medical profession – BSc Nursing from Okanagan College

Mankind has always researched and invested in the health and longevity of the species. This core industry provides for various jobs. With increased focus on maintaining human health and fighting against diseases and old age, this is an essential service community across the world with various opportunities.

Culinary Chef – Two year Culinary Management Diploma from Okanagan College

Exotic and Culinary cooking is an area that is always is in demand. Chefs who specialize in various exotic varieties around the world should be happy in future as this is a difficult job to be automated.

How to prepare for future jobs?

The first step in preparing for the future is to be reasonable in accepting changes around. When we observe the past and look into present trends, it is convincing that changes in job availability and the involvement of technology cannot be stopped. The best way to prepare for the future is by equipping yourself with relevant knowledge. We found that universities are also updating their courses and curriculum anticipating these changes. You could study in Canada to upgrade yourself in these areas, as a Canadian study permit could get you easy access to some of these advanced courses. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other universities in Canada that provide relevant courses too. Do you have suggestions about interesting futuristic jobs or want to discuss more? Please do let us know, we will be happy to hear from you!!

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