IELTS Tips: Common Idioms for Speaking Part.12

Acquiring proficiency in idiomatic expressions not only improves your language skills but also has the potential to greatly boost your IELTS speaking score. These expressions introduce a level of refinement to your language usage, indicating a nuanced grasp of English. In daily discussions, idioms serve as effective means to clearly convey intricate concepts with style. They not only enhance your ability to captivate an audience but also demonstrate a cultural insight highly esteemed in language evaluations such as IELTS. Within this framework, we will examine four idioms.

1. The elephant in the room


The big issue, the problem people are avoiding.

Example sentence:

Tiptoeing round the elephant in the room will not help either of them.

2. As right as rain


When something is perfect or in good order or good health.

Example sentence:

He was very ill, but he’s right as rain now.

3. Get wind of something


Hear news of something secret.

Example sentence:

We have a crisis on our hands and don’t want the press to get wind of it.

4. Bolt from the blue


Something that happened without warning.

Example sentence:

The resignation of the chairman came like a bolt from the blue.

As you begin your quest to enhance your language abilities, recognize that idioms serve as more than mere linguistic adornments—they serve as pathways to a richer comprehension of culture and circumstance. To further refine your language skills and ready yourself for examinations like IELTS, we consistently provide valuable advice and material on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Join us for a plethora of resources that delve deeper than fundamentals, aiding you in navigating the nuances of English and excelling in language evaluations. Achieving fluency is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to aiding your continual development and triumph.

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