Happy Independence Day

15 August every year is celebrated as Independence Day in India as on this day in 1947, India became Independent and became the world’s largest democracy. This day marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

It holds tremendous importance in the history of India since it reminds every Indian about the start of a new beginning.

Since this day in 1947, India has grown and flourished. It is one of the world’s biggest economies. It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm throughout the country, and it is a national holiday in the country. 

How is Independence Day celebrated in India?

It is a very proud moment for every Indian to celebrate this day by singing the meaningful national anthem with full patriotism.

Also, the Prime Minister hoists the tri-colored Indian flag in Red Fort, New Delhi, which is the capital city of India, while the President delivers a speech highlighting the past year’s achievements of India and important issues that need attention for improvement.

Various activities are enjoyed by people of all age groups to celebrate Independence Day. Flag-hoisting ceremonies, events, cultural programs, parades, and many more! The important and historical buildings are also lit up with orange, white, and green lights to mark this special day!

All the freedom fighters are remembered on this day, who sacrificed their lives to help India gain independence.

Activities done on this day

  • Kite flying

Independence Day celebrations are almost incomplete without kite flying. People of all age groups fly beautiful tri-colored kites. The sky is full of colorful paper kites flying which is a treat to watch.

  • Independence Day Special Cuisine

Indian sweet called Laddu is distributed after flag hoisting. People love to make this delicious dessert at home. Also, people also make tri-colored food items on this day like Idly, sandwiches, dhoklas, sweet colored rice, and many more. These are the beautiful colors of the Indian flag, deep saffron (also called Kesari in Hindi), white and green. People host brunches and lunches and celebrate this day with their family and friends.

  • Cultural Activities

People take part in Parades, celebrations, and amusement activities like face painting, kite flying, and many more. A lot of social gatherings also take place everywhere. Children are seen dressed up like freedom fighters and take part in fancy dress competitions.

Canada International Student Magazine wishes everyone a very Happy Independence Day!

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