India Independence Day! Remembering our past is extremely important!!

A brief history of India

The British ruled India for hundreds of years and Hindustan (Today, India) was a part of the British empire. The British have ruled many countries across the world and India was one of them. Before Britishers came, the country India was made up of many kingdoms and it was not united. Because of the British rule for many years, people started having mutual feelings against foreign rule and those struggles faced by the people brought those kingdoms together. Later, as united, people started fighting for freedom from British rule. Officially, India got its Independence on August 15, 1947. To honour this historical event, Indians celebrate Independence Day on August 15 every year.

Positives and negatives of British rule in India

British rule helped India build a national infrastructure of rails and telegraphs by ruling the country as a single unit. It also brought unity to the country. The presence of India on the stage of global trade had also increased because of British rule.

However, British rule in India also had a bad side to it. The mercantile system of trade destroyed its indigenous economies and the cash-crop policies wreaked havoc on India’s environment and left its population vulnerable to scarcity, which killed millions in the 19th century.

The Indian independence movement began during World War I and was led by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who supported a non-violent and peaceful end to British rule. The Indian Independence Bill took effect on August 15, 1947,

Independence Day celebration

Independence day throughout the country is celebrated by flag-raising ceremonies, drills, and singing the national anthem. And, every capital of each state in India celebrates by conducting various cultural programs. In Delhi, the capital of India, the celebration begins with the Prime Minister participating in the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort (historic monument in Old Delhi) followed by a parade with members of armed forces and police.

Independence day amidst COVID-19 pandemic

India celebrated Independence Day at Red Fort on August 15, 2020, with 150 VVIP guests invited which is 20% of the usual guest list every year. Also, school children at the Independence day celebrations are missing this year; instead, 500 cadets of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) have attended the event.

Let us all pray on this very special day that we overcome this global crisis soon.



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