Indians in Canada

The below statistic shows the number of registered Indians from 2000 to 2018. There were 994,667 registered Indians in Canada. 

Source: Statista 2020

Cost of living versus quality of life

Cost of living in Canada is expensive compared to India. In India, almost everything costs less – house rents, groceries, vegetables, phone plans and so on. However, buying expensive things like a vehicle is an exemption as you can purchase them in Canada for lower costs compared to India. Money is not everything, despite the higher cost of living, Canada positions #2 among the countries with the highest quality of life. 

Best cities for Indian immigrants to live in Canada

  • Vancouver

Vancouver city is a leading player for the film industry and other visual effects industries. The city also has other opportunities in engineering, construction, financial services, health sciences. High-skilled Indian graduates are the perfect match for many employers in Vancouver. Vancouver has the best climate in Canada, in summers the temperature is near 27 degrees celsius and in winters it drops up to 7 degrees celsius. The only catch is accommodation, renting or buying a property in Vancouver is not cheap.

  • Toronto

Toronto is known as Canada’s economic engine. The city has some of the continent’s top schools and universities. Cost of living in Toronto is no less than Vancouver. Most of the Indians are settled in Toronto and the contribution by the number of Indians made the city multicultural melting-pot. Toronto has a semi-continental climate with a humid summer and a cold winter. Winters are severe with snow on the ground between mid-December and mid-March. 

  • Calgary

After Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary is the third most popular city for Indian newcomers which has approximately 50,000 Indian citizens settled in the Calgary Metropolitan Area. Cost of living is cheaper than Vancouver and Toronto but expensive than Montreal, the Atlantic cities, and Winnipeg. The city has warm summers and dry winters. Indian immigrants with engineering, mining, or related backgrounds are the major draw for Indian immigrants. 

  • Edmonton

Edmonton is a big city in the north of North America. The city has many Indian immigrants, like Calgary, Edmonton is an oil hub having a lot of job opportunities in the relevant field. Also, it has other opportunities in construction, engineering—the cost of living in Edmonton cheaper than Toronto or Vancouver. 

So, here are the top four places for Indian immigrants to live in Canada whether moving is via Express entry, study permit or with family. 


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