Introducing the New Residence at Douglas College – 808 Royal

Douglas College is set to open its first on-campus student housing, known as 808 Royal, very soon!

Affordable Student Housing

This upcoming student housing complex will offer affordable accommodation options including one-, two-, and four-bedroom units, with a total of 368 beds. Named 808 Royal, the building will span 20 floors, with 11 floors dedicated to academics, providing over 30 classrooms, six computer labs, offices and study spaces, food services, and two rooftop parks. The housing complex will be open to students from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This project will help address the issue of finding affordable housing for students, while also easing the pressure on the local rental market in British Columbia.

Accessibility and Location

The building is situated in a prime location that is seamlessly integrated into the new 1.2-kilometer Agnes Greenway. This will provide easy and accessible routes for bikes, wheelchairs, and pedestrians throughout the city. The building is located just across the street from Douglas College’s New West campus, and it is only a few minutes away from the Fraser River, Downtown New West, grocery stores, and various restaurants and cafes. Additionally, it is conveniently located just steps away from the New Westminster Skytrain Station.

Sustainability and Innovation

808 Royal is a student building that has been developed in collaboration with the community and the Government. The building meets Step 4 of the B.C. Energy Step Code, which is the highest level that commercial buildings can achieve. This student hub has been designed using wood and constructed to combat climate change. It is the largest provincial capital investment that includes student accommodations. 808 Royal will operate without the use of fossil fuels and employ innovative construction techniques to achieve a zero-carbon footprint.

Community Integration

During the development of 808 Royals, careful consideration was given to minimizing shadowing and preserving the community river view. This was done to seamlessly blend into the City of New Westminster.

Project Details

The $292.5 million project aims to meet the demand for student housing on-campus, providing students with a space to study and rest. The project also offers academic resources and convenience to support the growing student population.

Construction has just begun on the hub and it is expected to be completed by the summer of 2026.

Sources: Government News Release, 808 Campus Information, Douglas College News

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