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Best way to network for students

Living in a new country away from home can be a challenge for some, but by making meaningful connections, half of the battle is won! References are very important in Canada, however the question arises, how to make them when one is new and doesn’t know anybody in a new country. Well, in this article we will talk about how international students can make connections and build up a network so that they can benefit from it in the long run.

Why is networking important? 

Networking is the process of receiving and sharing meaningful information and making professional contacts with the potential employers who in turn can open the doors of opportunities for the international students. It is crucial as it:

  • makes Resume attractive
  • may help in getting a job
  • boosts confidence
  • helps socialize
  • opens a door to opportunities
  • helps making useful connections
  • increases overall knowledge

If you are a new international student who doesn’t have any prior work experience, then here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in get in touch with the right people at the right time to start your networking journey. One thing that is very important here is that one must never be reluctant and hesitant to begin a conversation.

Networking can be with anyone. It maybe with other students or faculty at your college, or maybe with other professionals from networking sites. 

How to build up your own Network?

There are various means by which one can be outgoing and socialize to kickstart networking. A few are mentioned below:

  • Volunteer

Volunteer is a person who voluntarily shows willingness to undertake a service. Volunteering is unpaid and are for non-profit or charity organizations. The best part about volunteering for international students is that it can help you get the Canadian work experience which works as a cherry on the cake for any resume.

How to volunteer?

  • Consider using a volunteer site 
  • Work for a cause close to your heart
  • Get all the relevant details for the volunteer position
  • Get the skills required for the position
  • Make a volunteer resume & mention your availability

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers may offer practical help to people in case the situation demands, or it may be for:

  • fundraising
  • organising or helping at events
  • giving information 

Other sites that may help you volunteer are: 

Networking events

Various networking events, career and job fairs keep on happening in and around Vancouver and other places that have majority of international students. As a student, you can learn a lot about jobs in demand and can also interact with the potential employers. They are mostly free to attend. 

This is a great opportunity for the students to connect with top employers in areas like sales, retail, education, management, customer service, IT etc. 


  • Students must dress in formals
  • Always keep an updated copy of Resume 

There are various websites where the students can be updated about the job fairs and can register. , for instance, can help with a whole long list of upcoming Career fairs where the students can register.

  • College faculty

Your college faculty can rightly be your mentors. Always being in touch with them is the key. They can be your guides to everything you need to know about jobs, job markets, career fairs etc. So, if you are looking for any kind of career guidance or industry insight, your college faculty may help you out. They could play an integral role in helping you secure your first job out of college. Registering yourself with the career cell of your college may also help!

  • Student clubs/Student unions

Being a part of student clubs and unions is always a good deal as you start interacting with students in the College itself. Students may help you in some way or the other and the earlier you start building connections in the campus itself, the more you will have confidence to make connections outside. Reaching out to your college alumni also would help!

  • Social media platforms

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn also offer networking opportunities to the students. Students can make a proper professional network and reach out to the potential employers. It can really help!

So, no matter, even if you are new to any country, you don’t have to worry. By taking right efforts, you can gradually build up your network!

Source: LinkedIn Ways to successfully Network as an international student

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