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PR involves communicating with your market to raise awareness and manage the reputation of your business. Also, it helps in cultivating relationships with the consumers while marketing focuses on promoting actual products and services. Studying Marketing and Public Relations helps students to understand the current market trends, equipping skills of organizing and reshaping the reputation of companies and products. Marketing is a highly competitive and rewarding field. There is hardly any business that doesn’t rely on marketing professionals to generate awareness or increase the sales of their products and services. PR improves brand credibility which is crucial to bridge the gap between the business and it’s would be clients. Both these fields go hand in hand and are equally important for any business.

Choose from a variety of Career Paths

Advertising Consultant | Electronic Media
Communications consultant
Event Marketing
Public Relations Consultant
Promotion Strategy Consultant
Content Marketing/Traditional Marketing
Public Relations | Publicity Agency
Social media Manager/ Social Media Marketing


  • Median annual salary for BC related occupations in marketing and public relations is $59,586
  • Maximum hourly salary of $46/hour
  • Median hourly salary of CAD 28.57/hour
  • The minimum hourly wage is $17.31 per hour


  • Marketing Management (Diploma)
  • Co-op Program in Marketing Management Diploma
  • Marketing Management (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Diploma in Public Relations

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, referred to as KPU, is a public university. Students graduating from KPU Marketing Management can learn the latest marketing skills and business management. All courses emphasize marketing management, new media and emerging marketing analysis methods to provide students with intensive application-oriented business training. These courses would be delivered through teamwork and contemporary quantitative and qualitative analysis tools.
KPU’s public relations major is the only full-time diploma program in BC, which lasts for two years.

Okanagan College 

  • Marketing and Data Analytics (Post-Baccalaureate Diploma)
  • Marketing(Business Administration Diploma)
  • Marketing(Post-Baccalaureate Diploma)
  • Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies Diploma

Okanagan College, also referred to as OC, is a comprehensive public college recognized by British Columbia, Canada, and is the most significant public college in the local area. Marketing and Data Analytics at Okanagan College focuses on courses in marketing, data and statistics. Business Administration Diploma (Marketing) offers learning and hands-on experience which aims at nourishing the students with professional skills and critical thinking. The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing is designed for students who transfer to majors and do not have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. It also covers a wide range of business principles and practical foundations making it a perfect opportunity for students to start their journey. In addition to the Communication, Culture and Journalism Studies Diploma is the highlight of its course. Students will explore the social, political and economic functions of journalism and media, the history of journalism, and cultural policies and theories.

Langara College 

  • Marketing Management (Post-Degree)
  • Marketing Management (Diploma, Baccalaureate Degree)
  • Journalism (Diploma, Certificate)

Langara College is also one of the most reputed colleges in Canada. It was founded in 1965 and is located in downtown Vancouver. It is famous for its high rate of university enrollment. The college has international students from a lot of countries across the globe. This institution has won the “Outstanding Teaching Award” repeatedly five times in the past ten years due to its experienced teaching faculty.

Marketing Management (Post-Degree Diploma) is suitable for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue a business career. The two-year course has four semesters of lecture-based experience and one semester of the internship so that students can have practical knowledge of working in an office setting. Marketing Management (Diploma, Baccalaureate Degree) prepares students for working in marketing, sales, advertising, retail, distribution and customer service. Courses include general business concepts like accounting, marketing communication, marketing design, business research methods, advertising, sales, business presentation skills, law and other courses in Economics, English, Communication and Business Mathematics.
The Journalism diploma and certificate adopt a small-class teaching and one-to-one learning experience. The first semester focuses on introductory and basic skills courses; the second semester focuses on advanced journalism.

Douglas College 

  • Marketing (Diploma)
  • Marketing (Bachelor Of Business Administration)
  • Communications (Associate Degree)
  •   Intercultural And International Studies (Associate Degree)

Douglas College is one of the oldest public colleges in BC. The school is located in Vancouver and is in contact with the local government and large companies. Their Diploma in Marketing combines lectures, case studies and hands-on experiences. After graduation, students can progress to the third year of the bachelor’s degree in marketing in other universities. The Associate Degree in Communications can improve students’ writing and interpersonal skills. An associate degree in Intercultural and International Studies is suitable for students interested in international relations, political and cultural issues.

Camosun College

  •  Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree – Marketing Major
  • Business Administration, Diploma – Marketing
  • Business Administration, Post Degree Diploma – Marketing
  • Public Administration, Diploma

Camosun College was founded in 1971 and is located in Victoria. Victoria is known for its ocean scenery, gardens, urban culture and diversified economy. Marketing teaches students a wide range of marketing concepts. Here, you will gain a broad range of marketing management skills and techniques including context for strategic management and planning and focus on directing the marketing and communication process.

Source: 2020 Job Bank Wage data

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