The Government of Canada has launched ArriveCAN Mobile App for travellers

The Government of Canada has launched the ArriveCAN App to facilitate the travel process to Canada. This app helps to reduce spending time at the Canadian port of entry and public health officers. Travellers who are travelling to Canada must download the ArriveCAN application in their mobiles which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. They must fill out their information in this app before 48 hours of their arrival in Canada. 

The Government of Canada is taking every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19. And, travellers need to follow all the rules mentioned on the government website while travelling. Also please read who can travel to Canada during COVID-19, from this link – click here. 

How does ArriveCAN work?

ArriveCAN is an application developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in partnership with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This app allows a digital avenue to provide basic contact information for all the travellers who are travelling to Canada by any mode of transport – land, air or sea. 

ArriveCAN App collects the personal information which is required at the border, including email addresses and phone numbers. This information will be linked to the travel documents of the individuals who are entering the country and will not have to provide the same information again upon their arrival in Canada. The app also works in airplane mode and allows you to save your information to submit upon arrival at the border. 

You need to create an account with the ArriveCAN app to fill in your information. The app will ask your basic personal information and travel document details. Also, it supports multiple travellers staying at the same location, and you can add more than one traveller details. You will be asked to complete the quarantine plan questionnaire and information about your symptoms. And, once you have submitted your travel information form, a receipt will be generated which you will need to show to the Border Services Officer at the port of entry. Please remember that you must only submit your form within 48 hours of entry to Canada.

Source: ArriveCAN 


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