Things to consider before buying a laptop

For all those, starting your College in January 2023, if you still haven’t purchased a laptop for yourself, here are a few things you may consider before buying your perfect laptop. The first and the foremost thing is to identify the exact purpose of buying a laptop whether it is just for light use like browsing the web or document creation, streaming music, gaming or for video editing or video production as there are various specifications as per the usage. The factors to be considered are:

  • Budget

The first and the foremost thing is budget. How much do you want to spend on your new purchase. Usually, the laptops start from $399 for basic usage and the price may go as high as $2000 but it depends upon what is your need. For instance, do you need a graphic card or not or if you need any specific configuration.

  • Size

Most people want to go for a compact laptop which is easy to carry. As portability is counted as one of the biggest factors for buying a laptop especially for students, you should always check the overall weight and whether it will be comfortable to hold everyday to college or at work. Just make sure it is lightweight.

  • RAM or Random-access memory

Random-access memory, or RAM, is important because it helps your processor tackle multiple tasks at once. For basic computing 2GB in required. 8 GB or more is recommended usually if you are in gaming or heavy software use like video editing. It gives enough memory space to run multiple applications without slowing down the system. So, make sure to always check the RAM.

Most laptops have 4 to 12GB pre-installed. You can choose a model that lets you expand the RAM if you think you may have to change it later as you can get an option to do so.

  • USB 3.0 ports 

They should be there on the new laptop you are buying as they help plugging the devices like external hard drives, mouse, and keyboards. Keep this in mind before you go ahead, and purchase as new MacBook Pros. don’t have this.

  • Operating System
  1. macOS

Easy to use interface and have less issues with viruses and malware in the past. They don’t have the touchscreen feature. Price maybe a bit more than the regular laptops.

  1. Windows

Windows have touch-screen interface feature. The integrated Windows Hello feature lets one log in a much quicker way using a touch or a look instead of a password. Also, it gives an updated task manager, streamlined file management and a suite of built-in apps.

  1. Chrome OS

These are built by Google and these laptops run on Chrome OS and are supposed to be the fast, simpler, and secure operating system. Chrome OS is built for the web to run on Chromebook hardware.

Chromebooks are the laptops that use Chrome OS and as they support the Google Play Store, it gives a lot of features like they can run millions of apps, including games, document creation, and photo editing apps and many more. Chromebook also has:

-automatic updates that are easy to use

-built-in security

-boots up and performs fast

  • Processor

The main thing or the brain of any computer is its processor. It determines how much of a complex software can be run, how many programs you can have open at the same time, and how fast those programs will run. There are various processors available like AMD, Intel, and Apple Processor. Intel processors come under these 4 categories; you can buy the laptop based on your requirement.

  1. Core i9: Best for gamers & high-resolution content creation and for viewing 4K or 360° videos, photos, and high-quality audio.
  2. Core i7: Used by gamers, videographers etc. It excels at serious multitasking and multimedia creation.
  3. Core i5: Useful for regular computing tasks and multi-tasking
  4. Core i3: The entry-level Core processor for everyday basic usage

If you want to go for AMD processor, then here are a few categories you may consider:

  1. Ryzen3: Suitable for regular College work and office with 4K resolution.
  2. Ryzen5: Suitable AAA and esports gaming / image & video editing
  3. Ryzen7: editing videos, running applications. and playing games and esports
  4. Ryzen 9: Great for AAA and esports gaming, intensive image and video editing, and gaming while streaming and recording.

AAA signifies high profile games.

  • Internal Storage

For storage capacity, 32GB is used for a cloud service or stream. Although, 64GB is used for more flexibility, if you want to store high resolution phots and videos, 256GB will be better than 32GB or 64GB and if you are a gamer or downloading games or 4K movies, at least 512GB or higher is a must. 

  • Screen

You can find touch screen laptops also these days where you can easily tap to select, hold, and drag to move items, just like you do on the screen of your phone or tablet. Laptop screens come in various sizes starting from usually 11 and going up to 17 inches. But one thing to be kept in mind is that the bigger screens may increase the weight of the laptop. For basic day to day computer tasks HD, HD+ or Full HD resolution is good. However, if you want to go for creating rich colors and images for viewing and editing, or want to watch very high definition movies or play HD games then one must go for 4k Ultra HD or QHD

Always ask the provider for the battery life of the laptop, also if battery is under warrantee. 

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International students can buy laptop from:

  • Staples
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy 
  • Amazon
  • The Source
  • Apple Stores

Students can also get an additional discount using SPC card or the student price card on the following brands: 

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP 
  • Acer
  • Lenovo

Source: Guide to buy laptop Student Price Card

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