Three great phone plans for international students

Many companies sell phone plans in Canada. International students already have to pay a lot of fees for tuition and rent alone. We understand what you are going through and have therefore compiled three great phone plans that are most suitable for your life as an international student in Canada.


Given below are a few plans for people who already own a phone.


1. Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile is a subsidiary of Bell Canada, which is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies. Plans start from $15 per month, which gives you 100 minutes of Canada-wide calling, unlimited Canada and international texts. You can get 250 MB when you register for autopay. If you need unlimited Canada-wide calling with 500mb of data (1gb when you register for autopay) per month, there is a plan for $25 per month. They charge $10 for a new SIM card and activation, when you order online or $4 at Dollarama (at selected locations).


Autopay means you set up an automatic payment through credit card per month.


2. Public Mobile
Public mobile is owned by Telus, which is also a big player in the telecommunications industry. They have plans starting from $15 per month, which provides you with 100 minutes of Canada-wide talk, unlimited international text and picture messaging with a bonus of 250 MB data. For unlimited Canada-wide calling, international text and picture messaging with 500mb of data (extra 500mb bonus data with autopay) of data, there is a plan of $25 per month. With autopay, you would also save $2 off your chosen monthly plan. You’ll have to pay $10 upfront for a new SIM card.


3. Chatr Wireless

Chatr wireless is a great virtual network operator and a subsidiary of Rogers. Plans are starting from $15 per month with 100 minutes of Canada-wide talk, in-Canada and international text. You can get 250MB of data if you opt for autopay. There is a $25 monthly plan for unlimited Canada-wide talk and Unlimited Text to Canada and International. The new SIM card at Chatr Wireless has a cost of $10. Rogers is known for their quality telecommunication services, so they have a reliable network and have a coast-to-coast national coverage in Canada.


Prices of the mentioned plans were as of 22 October 2020.


Please check the phone plan providers’ website for the most updated information.


These plans have no credit check, no long-term agreement and no extra charges. Lucky Mobile, Public Mobile and Chatr Wireless are owned by the three largest telecommunications networks in Canada. This means that you have coverage in most places among the Canadian provinces. To avoid any discrepancies, always remember to pay your bills on time.
We hope this article guides you in finding your most suitable phone plan.




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