Tips to Pay Your Student Loan Faster

Everyone wants to study internationally and have a good student life in another country. This is the best time for all the students yet the most challenging one. International studies can be expensive as apart from school fees, there are other expenses such as living expenses, which include grocery, rent, etc. All this becomes overwhelming for students, making them not manage their expenses well. In this scenario, it becomes difficult to pay off the student loan. Let’s talk about some tips to pay off the student loan quickly and easily.

1. Prioritize

You must have to pay a loan to a bank or pay with credit card money. The first step is to prioritize payments. How can one do that? It is good to check how much interest each one is charging. Based on that, it will be easier to decide. By taking this step, you will indirectly minimize the interest amount overall. It is a smart move.

2. Never delay your payments

Delay will hamper your credit card rating, so make sure to pay your credit card bills and other payments on time. Students usually have difficulty renting an apartment if their credit card score is not good.

3. Cut down on expenses

  • Avoid dining out all the time: Your eating habits play a valuable role in saving money. Avoid dining out every day. Eating out from time to time is fine, but don’t make it a routine as this burns money fast, making student loans more difficult to pay. Moreover, it is not healthy to eat out every day! Cook at home as much as possible.
  • Transportation:  Try carpooling with friends, taking public transit, or biking to your school or work. In addition to cutting costs, you’ll also get healthy and help save the environment.
  • Entertainment: Everyone wants to do leisure activities, especially in a beautiful place like Canada. In this scenario, how can one save money? Well, search for free entertainment! Yes, you can do that! For instance, go for a concert in the park, a hike, or visit a museum that doesn’t have an entry fee on certain days of the week or month. Always remember that nature is free, and you can enjoy it without spending loads of money. Cycling with friends is a great way too.
  • Lifestyle factors: How to pay off student loans in five years? Your lifestyle is a huge factor. Try sharing your rental accommodation with your peers as it helps pay off student loans quickly. It is a good idea to get a roommate to ease the burden of living expenses if living with family isn’t an option.

4. Try doing part-time jobs

It is always a good idea to study and work simultaneously. As a student, you can work part-time on-campus and off-campus. Don’t delay in getting the SIN number when you come to Canada. Many students work as food servers, dog walkers, babysitters, research assistants, cab drivers, and many others. Working will not only help you earn extra money and support you financially, but it will make you confident and adapt to a multicultural environment.

Click here to know about the part-time job options for international students.

5. Make a Budget

Finally, making an appropriate budget is part of your loan repayment. Having a budget will give you an idea of how much money is coming in or going out or how much money you can keep aside for the loan. You won’t exceed your expenses by doing so.

Try making a list of all your expenses, such as rent, fees, utilities, gas money, student loan payments, groceries, etc. It will help you in the long run as well.

To stay motivated, have goals such as buying a home and settling down after completing your studies. Working hard towards your goals will help you save money and pay off your debts on time.

We hope these tips will help you in paying your loans on time. Good luck!

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