Tips to prepare for Exams

Exams are one of the most challenging times for international students. In Canada, exams are scheduled in December and April after classes end, while mid-terms are usually in October and February. International students’ journey can be full of ups & downs, so it becomes overwhelming for students to remain focused during their exam periods. Here are a few tips that will help students cope with exam stress and help them stay focused!

    It is vital to make a schedule for yourself to maintain a balance between studies and other activities. Make sure to make a proper routine so that you are punctual and get enough time for revision and preparation. Make a realistic schedule or a calendar and stick to it. 

    • Diet & Exercise

    Remember to exercise to relieve your stress from a hectic schedule. Even half an hour of exercise will help to reduce your stress. It will keep your mind and body to stay calm and healthy. Stay on a proper diet packed with nutrients. Avoid or reduce junk food and focus on eating fruits or cooked vegetables to make you feel more energized. Hydration is also important in anyone’s diet and should not be excluded. A healthy diet with these foods and drinks will certainly improve your concentration.

    • Revise as much as you can

    Revision is the key when it comes to exam preparation. Make sure to revise as many times as possible. Try and practice sample papers to familiarize yourself with the layout of questions, as doing so will help gain confidence. Clarify any questions with your professor repeatedly so you can get an understanding of your study material. Do not hesitate to ask your friends and teachers at any point when you feel stuck.

    • Reward yourself

    After every couple of hours of study, you can treat yourself to a movie or play your favourite sport. You could also take a break to talk to family or friends or listen to soothing music to change your mood. A refreshing half-an-hour or an-hour break is a must to regain energy and get back to studying. It may do wonders!

    • Learn from your mistakes

    Mistakes are the best teachers. By doing things wrong, you may gradually improve yourself in many ways. It is important to make mistakes as it gives a good scope for improvisation. Also, making mistakes ahead of time will refrain you to not repeat them during exams as failures are our biggest teachers! 

    • Stay Positive

    This should be the golden rule of life. Having a positive mind can make one energetic and boost confidence. It also helps to learn and understand better. Try yoga and meditation to have a positive mindset! 

    • Try group studies with your friends

    If you take a lot of stress or get anxious during exams, try studying with your friends. Ask questions to each other or take mock tests to help understand the concepts in a better way. Studying in a group is perfect as you can learn together while having fun. 

    Hope all these points will help you to prepare yourself for the upcoming exams in a much better way. Always remember to study smart, not hard. Also, make sure you are consistent in your approach to get the best results. 

    Canada International Student Magazine wishes all the students the best for their exams!

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