University Canada West – COVID-19 Readiness Plan

University Canada West is one of the several institutions to receive approval from the Canada Government to welcome new international students. The Government of Canada has recently announced changes to international students’ travel restrictions to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The amendments say students who enrolled in Designated Learning Institutes who have a covid-19 readiness plan are allowed to travel to Canada starting from October 20, 2020. Post arrival, they are still required to self-isolate for their first 14 days in Canada. The government required all the post-secondary institutions to submit a detailed covid-19 readiness plan that helps students with their quarantine plans and assists in receiving necessities, such as food and medications, during the quarantine period. The readiness plan should also include the protocols if any of the students are suspected or tested positive for COVID while they are at school.

The British Columbia government has approved the readiness plan of University Canada West in September 2020.

University Canada West has extensively worked on the COVID-19 readiness plan to ensure the safety of its staff and students. Their readiness plan includes:

  • Safety orientation for their staff returning to campus as well as new staff
  • A training plan for staff to familiarize them with new processes, new equipment or products
  • Workplace assessments with mitigation measures
  • Workplace management in terms of health and safety policy and other policies and procedures
  • Implementation of COVID-19 guidelines

The communication plan of University Canada West ensures the safety of everyone entering the workplace, including visitors, while they are at the premises. They have a strong communications department sending regular updates and reminders to students, staff, and faculty.

COVID-19 case or outbreak management on UCW campus

Read the detailed plan for the new “Normal” of University Canada West.

Source: University Canada West


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