Vancouver: Official Host City for FIFA World Cup 2022


What is FIFA?

FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association or International Federation of Association Football in English. Found in 1904, FIFA is an international governing body of football, beach soccer, and Futsal. The main aim of the organization is to oversee international football or soccer competition among the national associations of various countries, to ensure its accessibility to everyone and to advocate for integrity and fair play.

Headquartered in Switzerland, it has a total of 211 member nations. These national associations must be members of one of the six regional confederations into which the world is divided: Africa, Asia, Europe, North & Central America, and the Caribbean, Oceania & finally South America. 

FIFA is also responsible for organizing and promoting major football tournaments among its member nations.

FIFA World Cup or the international soccer tournament takes place once every four years in different countries every time and is loved by billions of people around the world. This year FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar. 

FIFA World Cup 2026 will be hosted by Vancouver

It is a matter of pride for Canada and British Columbians to be selected as an official host city for FIFA World Cup 2026. This will be the first time in history that FIFA Men’s world cup matches will be played on Canadian soil. This certainly brings Canada, especially British Columbia and Vancouver into the spotlight!

This event will be not only hosted by Canada, rather it would be jointly hosted by three nations. The other two are the United States and Mexico. The matches will be held in the selected host cities across North America. 

It is also said that this event would be major and the first to feature a total of 48 teams that will be playing almost 80 matches. The US will have the maximum number of matches playing while Canada and Mexico will have lesser matches. The US will have 60 matches in its city, while Canada and Mexico will have 10.

A few matches will be held in Toronto, Ontario as well.

Has Vancouver hosted tournaments in the past?

Vancouver is not new in being a host for international-level tournaments.  The city has previously hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup successfully.

What is expected? 

As FIFA 2026 will be taking place in Vancouver as well, it will attract tourists and travellers from around the world which would help boost Canada’s economy. British Columbia will also get an opportunity to showcase its beauty to the entire world where it would promote local businesses. The tourism sector is expected to flourish even more around this event. Not only that but even employment opportunities are expected to rise. Even small businesses across Metro Vancouver are excited about the benefits it will bring them to come from jointly hosting the world’s biggest tournament. 

Vancouver is a multicultural city, and it is always welcoming people from around the world. What better than being one of the host cities for FIFA World Cup 2026! Vancouver is proud and so are we!

British Columbia cannot wait to welcome people for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. It would be a great event for all the sports enthusiasts and would make this sport popular among the new generation.

Source: Vancouver official Host City for FIFA World Cup 2026 FIFA World Cup 

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