Why Canada is the Best Choice of Country to Study?

Canada is known as an immigrant country and it is a mixed society with different languages, cultures, and religions. Over the past two decades, the number of immigrants has been increasing in Canada. According to Statista, 313,580 people immigrated to Canada in 2019.

International students in Canada in the academic year of 2017 and 2018, by postsecondary program enrollment category:

As you can see from the below statistics, the majority of the international students are enrolled in Business and Management fields in the academic year of 2017 to 2018. There were 83,817 international students enrolled in Business, Management and Public Administration and 49,785 international students for Architecture, Engineering and related technologies.

Some of the primary reasons that students choose Canada as one of the best countries to chase their academic dreams:

  1. Work permit after graduation

If the program duration was two years or more, the students might receive a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) that is valid for three years. However, students may also want to note that, if the course program duration was more than eight months but less than two years, then the students may receive PGWP that is valid for up to the same length of the study program. For example, for nine months program, students may obtain work permit up to 9 months. For more information, visit work in Canada after your graduate: about the process.

  1. Part-time opportunities

Students can work while studying on-campus and off-campus. A full-time student will usually be approved to work 20 hours a week. It is common to see part-time students being employed in all kinds of businesses. Students should follow the hourly limit per week provided by IRCC and should not work more than the permissible number of hours set by the government.

  1. Quality of life

Canada is a Developed Country. The quality of life in Canada is high. The air purity index or the drinkable tap water in Canada are some of the basic things to mention. There are well-planned townships and residential areas everywhere. Most of the residential areas will have parks, libraries, schools, places of worships, some shopping places, fast food joints etc. Public transport is very friendly and has almost no accident records.

  1. Quality of Education

Quality of education is another factor to be highlighted in Canada. There are set methods of study which includes an ample amount of research, teamwork and homework, which is a balanced mix. Teachers and highly proficient in their subjects and are ready to provide help as required.

These are some of the highlights that may help you to choose your country of study if you are considering studying abroad. Canada, in general, is a friendly and peaceful country which is friendly to immigrants and international students. Whatever you choose, we wish you success and all the best for your endeavours.


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