Why Do Canadians Own 2.3 Million Boats?

Boats in Canada

Owning a boat or a yacht is not a common phenomenon in India like in some other countries around the world. In India, people consider boating or boat lifestyle similar to vacationing in resorts. The majority of Indians only rent or hire a boat for vacation purposes and will seldom own one. Large houseboats are famous in some states in India where there are water bodies spread across the landscape. India’s Alleppey is one such example that has numerous houseboats which have fully functional homes in them for you to lease as you tour the area. Here is a picture of one such houseboat.

Houseboat, Kerala, India

Source: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The fishing industry and the public transportation industry in India also make use of boats regularly.

Canadians, like many other countries in the west, own and use boats regularly for vacations and recreational purposes. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, Canadians are among the most active boaters in the world. Canadians own around 2.3 million boats and Canadians spend around $2.5 billion every year on boating.

There are some people who have made floating homes their permanent residence too. Let’s look at different types of boats and the related lifestyles of people in Canada. Do you like to be afloat in water and take control of a boat? Let it be a jet-ski or a yacht, Canada has a lot to offer to the aqua lifestyle.

Cruising boats

Cruising boats come in different capacities. There are Bowriders to Deck boats that allow spacious decks to soak in the sun and water during the day. There are Motor Yachts, Cuddy Cabins and Cabin Cruisers which can contain minimal to many people, sleeping spaces, kitchen and refreshing facilities. Canadians do ride such boats and have a floating night out with family and friends often.

A Cruising Boat
Source: Cruising Boat,

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canadians are outdoorsy and adventurous. For those who are living here, it would not be a new sight to see numerous cars carrying canoes or small boats on their roof rack, especially around summer. There are numerous streams and lakes across Canada which are breathtakingly beautiful, and people paddle around these water bodies as they live their Canadian life.

A Girl Kayaking
Source: Girl Kayaking, Image by thatsphotography from Pixabay


Sailboats are some of the least polluting boats around us today. Sailboats feature tall sails that use the power of the wind to move the boat forward. They may also feature onboard engines to power the boat when the wind is not favourable. Sailboats make a striking image in the waters and are usually associated with adventure.

A Sailboat
Source: Sailboat,

Source: Image by Jondolar Schnurr from Pixabay

Recreational Fishing Boats

Many Canadians indulge in recreational fishing across Canada. British Columbia, Southern Gulf of St Lawrence, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Yukon and the Arctic region of Canada are the major areas where people boat for recreational fishing. Each of these regions has its own regulations that allow people to use their boats to go fishing. People usually use Aluminum Boats, Bass boats or even a Jon Boat for freshwater fishing.

Aluminum Fishing Boat
Source: Aluminum Fishing Boat,

Fishing beyond international borders or marine zones in the outer sea is subject to further licensing. Sportfishing boats, Walkarounds or Multi-Hull Power Boats are more suited for Saltwater fishing.

A Multihull Powerboat
Source: Multihull Powerboat,
Personal Watercrafts

All the exciting motorbike-styled, and single, double, or triple passenger ‘handle barred’ boats and the fancy Jet-Skis fall into this category. These boats are mostly recreational and equipped with high-powered refined engines. They also feature better braking and driving assistance systems.

A Jet-ski
Source: Personal Watercraft,
Floating homes of Canada

There are various floating home communities across Canada. Toronto has some attractive floating homes. Vancouver has many of them too. Living in a floating home has its own perks. The marinas where such homes are located are close to some of the exotic parts of the city. Owning a condo or a home in the same area could cost you millions of dollars more. Also, a floating home does not just feel like being in a boat. The tastefully done interiors of some of these boats can make you forget that you are inside a boat. Stepping out, you may find yourself in the center of the city with major attractions, shopping locations and beaches nearby.

Floating Homes

Canada is a country with much variety in its landscape which allows you to choose various recreational and outdoor lifestyles according to your taste. Are you a person who has an affinity for an aqua lifestyle? Would you choose to buy one of the floating homes in Canada or get a boat driving license and have fun in the waters? Do you already own a boat? Write to us and share your story with us, especially if you would like to share your experience with our readers. Thank you !!

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